Retired naval officer, cybersecurity expert, and author James Feldkamp explores some of the top travel destinations that are expected to be on the top of the list for 2021.

While many overseas vacations are on pause this year due to the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic, many are still having an itch to travel and are planning their international travel for 2021. Cybersecurity expert, author, and now-retired naval officer James Feldkcamp are one of the many who are looking forward to what 2021 has in store and beyond once current restrictions are lifted.

“While many destination trips are largely on hold this year as we continue to ride out this ongoing health crisis, those that have a passion for international travel are eagerly looking forward to what may be in store, vacation-wise as the new year approaches,” says James Feldkamp, speaking from his home in Arlington County, Virginia.

“A few of the top destinations currently forecasted at the top of the travel charts in 2021 are Mexico, Seychelles and the Maldives”, according to James Feldkamp. “These destinations are always to be expected. That being said, in 2021”, James Feldkamp reveals, “we may see a spike in destinations not previously considered by many as traditional holiday destinations.”

Travel industry experts are already discussing and expecting to see places such as Namibia and Patagonia as potential destinations for family, couples, and individual vacations in 2021. “To what may be surprising, Southernmost South America as a whole is expected to be now more popular than ever before”, suggests James Feldkamp, “as are many African destinations.”

The Mediterranean, Greece, and Portugal are expected to see more visitors than ever in 2021 as well as Norway and Iceland, who have already seen an increase in people searching for alternative vacation options for the upcoming year. Also according to travel industry experts, The United Arab Emirates will continue to remain popular as well as the United States of America and Canada, with Egypt, also expected to see a new surge in 2021 and beyond.

James Feldkamp, a subject matter expert at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., cybersecurity sector professional, is a world traveler himself. James has put sailing and wine tasting at the top of his list for his biggest passions in life. “Following the restrictions that have been put in place this year due to the pandemic, it is widely believed that travel will make a particularly triumphant return in 2021”, he notes.

As one would expect after a year of missing out on travel opportunities, luxury trips, longer vacations, and a chance to explore new countries and even new continents are all expected to be popular for next year, James Feldkamp states. “I believe many people will no longer take their vacation time for granted”, says the cybersecurity expert and wine connoisseur.

James Feldkamps says he has yet to decide where he will vacation to next year but is looking forward to embracing his love for wine tasting and sailing again wherever he ends up. “It might have to be a trip towards the Mediterranean but we will see!” Says Feldkamp, wrapping up. “There is a lot in store for 2021 and where ever I decide to go, it is going to be well worth it!”