11 Amazing Staycation Ideas that Won’t Blow your Budget


Staycations provide families with a cheap way to entertain themselves. As it turns out, having fun at home or close to it is just as revitalizing and enjoyable as going to another country. Staycations are easy to plan, budget-friendly, and don’t require you to travel far! 

In this article, we’ll show you a couple of interesting staycation ideas to help you plan yours. These will include cheap weekend getaways, as well as simple ways to relax at home or near home. 

  1. Host Your Own Film Festival 

You don’t have to visit the cinema to enjoy a good film. For your staycation, you could make a small film festival – and enjoy it straight from the couch. 

Choose some binge-worthy quarantine films and have a blast. Movie series such as Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings are especially great in this regard. Don’t change out of your pajamas – just pop some popcorn and relax. 

  1. Curl up in Bed With a Good Book 

For some people, screen time is overrated. If you’re among them, you can spend a part of your staycation reading. Curl up with your partner and bite into your reading list. 

To spice things up, read the same book. Depending on the density and length of the book, you’ll probably have to begin a couple of days in advance. Compare experiences over a candlelit dinner! 

  1. Go Camping 

One of the best ways to keep your staycation budget-friendly is to have a family camping trip. Map out the local state parks, take the gear you already have, and go on an adventure. 

It’s a cheap weekend getaway and one that leaves wonderful memories. There’s nothing like enjoying the great outdoors, even if you’re just outside the city. 

  1. Take a Musem Tour 

Another great staycation idea for families is hitting museums. And the best thing about museums is that most of them have free admission days. In most cases, these are during work and school hours. 

Do a bit of research before heading out, though. If you’re going to a regular, hands-off museum, establish some rules with your kids. 

  1. Be a Tourist in Your Own City 

People living close to attractions often forget their draw. Spend your staycation by exploring your own city

Start by visiting your town’s tourism website. Figure out each cost and create an itinerary. Consider rideshare services or carpooling to save on transportation. Rediscover the best parts of your hometown! 

  1. Have a Picnic in the Park 

No tourist-in-your-own-city escapade is complete without a picnic. The local park is the best destination – weather permitting, of course. 

Gather the necessary supplies and have a picnic in the park’s most scenic spot. Take a spare blanket, a spacious cooler, and all of your favorite snacks and drinks. Once you’re done eating, aid your digestion by taking a walk around the park. 

  1. Do an At-Home Spa 

To achieve a momentary bliss, you don’t have to visit an expensive spa. Recreate the experience in your own home and have a bubbly staycation! 

No spa is complete without quality bath salts – these will relieve tension and ease your sore muscles. Set the mood with lighting and music and have a luxurious bath experience at your own house. 

  1. Swap Houses With a Friend 

Getting away without spending any money is best achieved through swapping houses with a friend. 

Sounds a bit ridiculous? It actually isn’t – the change is bound to feel exciting and new. And the best thing is that neither of you will have to spend a pound! Don’t forget to be a well-mannered guest and clean up before you leave. 

  1. Spend a Weekend in Your Garden Cottage 

Building a cabin in the backyard seems to be the latest trend. Timber cabins are particularly popular – they are warm, inviting, and have many uses. 

If you have one in your garden, look no further when it comes to staycation ideas. Use your timber cabin as a weekend cottage. You’ll be closer to nature but not far from home. 

  1. Book a Hotel 

Instead of traveling to another country, you could simply stay at a local hotel. Find one that’s inexpensive and book a room for a couple of nights. 

Once you book the rooms, take your favorite entertainment and snacks, and just enjoy yourself. A lot of hotels have pools, and these can be an excellent break. 

  1. Make a Boardgame Tournament 

Are long and tiring games of Monopoly your first association for board games? Think again! Nowadays, there are so many different board games available. They are perfect for families, couples, and friends. 

Spice up your staycation by hosting a board game tournament. Classic board games, such as Yahtzee, Risk, Scrabble, and Clue are always popular. More modern games include Wits & Wagers, Apples to Apples, Telestrations, and Cards Against Humanity. 

The words fun and cheap can go together. As you can see from above, a tight budget doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy your staycation. All you need is a little bit of creative thinking!