Winter in the Island: Gentle & Beautiful

man with paintbrush painting wooden house exterior

This year has already started with breaking news. From the spread of a new strain of last year’s biggest issue, through the events that are still happening in the United States, and now this atypical cool climate that has hit much of the world, but has undoubtedly been felt strongly in all Europe.

In the midst of this aggressive climate, many are the measures that have to be taken in terms of the precaution that must be taken. Although these kinds of storms can catch anyone off guard, it turns out that escaping the low temperatures on this island is actually quite easy. That is why we will discuss here some of the best tips to have a good winter in Menorca.

Dealing with the cold climate in the island can be quite easy!

First of all, make sure your home has the correct insulation to get through this weather. From the proper glass, roof waterproofing and wall insulation, checking that our house is properly prepared is essential for this season.Neither is any bicycle exclusively for summer, nor are vacations only taken during the warmer months of the year. Taking a few days off during the winter is, nowadays, one of the luxuries that we can afford to be able to enjoy our free time in a more calm, relaxed and different way.

There are plenty of things to see and do even when it’s a little bit colder

There are many reasons to visit a place like Menorca in low season, but without a doubt the low number of tourists is one of the main ones. Although winter is not the best season to go swimming in the sea, this does not mean that activities on land have to stop.

And it is that Menorca is one of the best places to spend the winter, being that the minimum temperatures rarely drop below 10 °. These temperatures definitely gentler than those found on the mainland make the island a suitable place for all kinds of plans.

From visiting the art galleries in the city (which in high seasons are completely full of people), to tours to taste the typical wines, gin and cheeses of the island, which have an international category and reputation. Rent a car menorca services are also much more accessible during these seasons, since there will rarely be problems in terms of reservations or availability, in addition to being able to access extremely reasonable prices due to low demand. These are opportunities that should not be missed!