Charter Boat Solutions You Can Have Now



You can rent a charter boat for a day or for a charter boating vacation with just a few clicks. Discover charter boats in the Mediterranean, for example on the prestigious French Riviera, on the Balearic Islands, on the Adriatic Sea or in Greece.

For example, you can rent a charter boat. So that you can get the best out of your vacation, you can also opt for a skipper or a crewed charter boat charter when renting a charter boat. Just make a request to get the best deal for the period you want. We work with the best rental companies in the world to make sure we offer you the best service at the best price.

How much does it cost to charter a charter boat?

The price for a charter boat for rent can vary depending on the equipment of the boat as well as size and destination. But the travel season also plays a major role. In the popular vacation months in summer you have to expect higher prices in some cases. With the custom Tahoe boat charter you can now have the best choices.

What is the availability of charter boats?

Charter boats are in great demand, especially in the summer months, the perfect time for a vacation on the boat. We therefore recommend that you plan your vacation early and book it in good time. You are on the safe side if you book your charter boat for the following summer in November or December.

Is it possible to rent a charter boat in the port?

Yes, it is possible to rent a charter boat and stay on the dock. The costs are lower than for a charter boat that is driven and more people can go on board if the charter boat remains at the berth. The prices for this are agreed individually with the landlord and will be sent on request. Most people use this as an original idea for their business event, seminar, housewarming or birthday party.

Do I need a driver’s license to rent a charter boat?

Most charter boats are rented out with a skipper and crew, so it is usually not necessary to have previous nautical knowledge or a license to rent charter boats. If you want, there is of course the option of steering your boat yourself.

How do I choose the right charter boat?

Before you start looking for a charter boat, you should have a few numbers in mind. In addition to the destination, you should have set an exact budget and the exact number of people on board. Depending on what you expect in terms of comfort and service, you can request charter boats that meet your criteria. For example, charter boat charter in Mallorca and charter boat charter in Ibiza are particularly popular.


It is done depending on your wishes and needs, in the online sites can find you the charter boat that will give you the best vacation of your life. Let us handle your project and our team will organize everything for you to make it an unforgettable experience.