VIP vacations on a lower price? Marbella in winter might be the place!

man with paintbrush painting wooden house exterior

Marbella is one of those places that, although they manage to stay fashionable and innovative, at the same time they retain their distinctive flavor of culture and history that can be felt through its streets, squares and even its premises on every corner.

Whenever you decide to visit Marbella you are guaranteed to visit an excellent destination regardless of the season of the year in which you decide to go. With around 320 days of sun per year and an average temperature around 20 °, it is often the case that while the rest of the country is freezing, this region of Malaga is enjoying quite pleasant sunshine during the day (although the cold mornings should not be underestimated in winter).

Taking a few days off on winter can be quite repairing

And it is quite well known that the months from November to the end of February are when there are usually fewer visitors throughout the Malaga region, being that this is much more famous for being a summer destination than a winter one. However, this low season also represents extremely striking advantages in terms of total travel costs compared to those that can be found in summer.

From the beginning of your stay these off-season benefits are easy to find. Starting from the Malaga airport, which in low seasons usually has special offers regarding its tickets and rates. Transfer services are also much less congested and in their need to attract clients it is much easier to obtain a malaga airport transfer service than during the busiest season.

Accommodations are not the exception to this pattern either. It is not uncommon to find that during these lower seasons the prices of some hotels and lodgings are usually significantly lower than during the higher seasons, in addition to that they will be considerably more unoccupied. This will be a relief not only for a stressed soul, but also for your wallet.

Trendy & Deliciously Peaceful!

Although winter is not the ideal season to go swimming in the sea, the sun and the pleasant temperatures in Marbella allow its visitors to still enjoy activities such as going fishing or sailing in boats.

Hiking or wine tourism is also an obligatory stop for visitors, and let us also remember that Marbella has always been one of the benchmarks in terms of the world of fashionism and trendy, which means that it is also one of the best places to replenish or renovate your closet.