What Is A Single Trip Travel Insurance In Singapore?


Before travelling to Singapore, you should get the right insurance coverage to avoid unexpected expenses. A single trip travel insurance plan is one such option that gives you new and enhanced perks. With the right coverage, you can cover all unforeseen costs at any point. What does single trip travel insurance in Singapore coverRead this section in detail if you wish to learn about this plan.

About Single Trip Travel Insurance Plan

While planning to go on a trip after three or six months, a single trip travel insurance coverage is the one you should have. It will protect you from Covid-19 while travelling to Singapore. The insurance plan covers trip cancellation overseas medical expenses and offers no claim discount. The Covid-19 medical concierge is available round the clock, which means you will have peace while travelling.

  • Quarantine Allowance

While quarantined overseas because of Covid-19, you will get reimbursement up to $1,500. This amount is sufficient for you to sustain the quarantine period in the country. Also, it covers up to $200,000 in overseas medical expenses because of Covid-19.

  • Enjoying No Claims Discount

If you do not make any claim from the travel insurance plan, it gives up to 10% off on the next travel insurance scheme. Above that, there are different stacked up promotions to enjoy.

  • Higher Flexible Coverage

Due to the pandemic, if you want to make any changes to your travelling plan, then a single plan will let you make the necessary adjustments. If your family is protected with the right insurance coverage, the experts are ready to adjust if a single person cancels the trip.

  • Keep Yourself Protected From Travel Inconvenience

Irrespective of whether it is the insolvency of travel agencies or you have lost your baggage, the best package ensures that it will keep you well-protected from travel interruptions, travel cancellations, and other inconveniences.

  • Enjoying Three Months Of Free Coverage

Not every insurance company offers free coverage to every member who opts for their packages. But with a well-known service provider, you can enjoy three months of free coverage under a single trip travel insurance plan. It also gives vouchers up to $100, and for that, you can get a free quote today.

  • Exclusive Offers

The insurance plan offers immediate protection till the age of 75 years. You can apply digitally, and there is no medical examination required. This scheme will end after the group size has attained the maximum premium being allotted.The special offer you get is free medical teleconsultation.

  • Enjoy The High-Quality Service

There is no point to have an insurance scheme from a service provider where you won’t enjoy the best quality. With a premium option, you can enjoy high-quality service and responsiveness. Their way of conducting business is completely different. In that way, you can enjoy the ultimate satisfaction when needed.

  • Trip Delay Coverage

When experiencing a hiccup in travelling, your travel insurance policy will give the right financial relief. It gives the reimbursement when your trip gets delayed. It includes several expenses like lodging, food, and local transportation incurred when delayed. Before enjoying the benefits, you have to wait till the waiting period. However, different policies have different requirements and accordingly, you have to fulfil them.

  • Trip Interruption Coverage

Due to an injury or illness, when you need to cut down your trip or there is a family emergency to attend to, you have to cut short your trip; this insurance plan will cover the cost of your airline tickets in economy class.

  • Emergency-Evacuation And Medical Expenses Benefits

While travelling to Singapore, a single trip travel insurance plan will cover any injury or illness. It gives you several benefits such as medical expenses, emergency evacuation, etc.

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Final Thoughts

This is everything to learn about a single trip travel insurance scheme which you can get from the top service provider. For more details, professionals can speak with the best insurance schemes. Different plans are available at different pricing, and you can compare them before deciding which one to take. You can enjoy all these things from the scheme from baggage loss, cancellation of the trip, or covid-19 medical expenses. Get a free estimate on the premiums to pay plans, and then decide which one to opt for.