Your Choices for the Autumn Visit to Japan


Christmas is almost around the corner, but Japan’s autumn has just begun to show its true colors, even though it is November. The trees seem to agree that now is the time to get this show started! Travelers lucky enough to be visiting Tokyo soon should make it a point to take in the city’s colorful sights and sounds as part of their Tokyo itinerary. It’s a great idea to visit Japan, especially Tokyo, during this time of year. A number of sporting events are now taking place in Tokyo. Congratulations to South Africa for their win at the Rugby World Cup, which ended recently. After that, the Summer Olympics will be held in Tokyo in 2020. Embrace the beauty of the season and let it take center stage before the sporting festivities begin.

To the Japanese, aki (a collective noun) refers to the four seasons. Seasons run from the 23rd of September to the 21st of December. We’ll take a peek at a sliver of autumn in japan in this article.

Japan In The Afternoon: What To Expect

It’s impossible not to be charmed by Japan’s autumnal vistas as the leaves turn from green to gold and red.

The autumn weather in the majority of Japan is pleasant and invigorating. Hokkaido’s autumn leaves turn crimson early in September, making it a great time to visit the northernmost portion of Japan. Several celebrations, such as Halloween, take place during this time period.

The rice is golden, and the fruits, such as chestnuts, pears, and grapes, adorn the window. In the autumn, you may find a wide variety of fruits such as yuzu, tangerines, apples, persimmons, pears, and strawberries. A few weeks into October, typhoons and severe rains might continue.

The moon and the stars may be clearly seen in the sky as the nights become darker. There will be a substantial rise over time in temperature differences between the day and night, due to the growing cold in the mornings and nighttime temperatures.

Trivia Questionnaire From Japan During The Season

Japan’s autumn flower blooming – The most well-known fall flowers are the seven autumn herbs, often known as Aki no nanakusa. The wild grasses and vegetables found in the wild include Chrysanthemums, Higanbanas, Cosmoses, and Miscanthus.

The Autumn Moon Festival

It’s called Tsukimi in Japanese, which means “moon watching.” There are tsukimi ceremonies to honour the autumn moon. This autumn, we may still enjoy the remnants of the Nakamoto, Obon, and Tanabata celebrations.

Many schools, including undokai, have athletic meetings and festivals lsuch as bunkasai and gakugeikai throughout the autumn, including the National Sports Day holiday and other sporting events.

Only A Few Cities In Japan Are Perfect For Enjoying The Fall Season

Kyoto’s fall season lasts from November through December. Throughout Japan, you’ll find some of the most vibrantly colored flowers you’ve ever seen in gardens, castles, and temples. Because of its rich culture, natural beauty, and strong sense of tradition, Kyoto has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Japan.