What You Need to Know Before Visiting Courmayeur


Ever wondered how it feels like to wake up at the foot of Europe’s tallest mountain? Greeting your mornings with hot coffee, a toast, and a cold mountain breeze is Courmayeur, a small, enchanting village that combines spectacular views with an electrifying nightlife and an amazing gastronomic experience.

But before you book a Courmayeur ski resort, here are some of the top traveling tips that can help you marvel around this mountainous town.

Courmayeur’s Location

Hiking and skiing around Mont Blanc, the highest European summit is the ultimate dream of many outdoor enthusiasts. But even if skiing its marvelous slopes isn’t in your books, you’d definitely have a growing appreciation for the humble town that sleeps on its foot, Courmayeur.

Located at Mont Blanc’s sunny side, Courmayeur is strategically located between massive mountains, giving you access to scenic views wherever you are in the town. A glance at your left or at your right is enough to see varied peaks and slopes that only this small town can give you access to.

A great plus is this quaint village’s proximity to both Turin and Geneva airports, making it easily accessible for travelers from Britain and other cities. If you’re near these airports, Courmayeur is just a short flight away.

What to Expect from Courmayeur

This affluent village reflects old European traditions that can make your trip extra memorable. But just to be clear, its ski area is relatively small, so if you’re on the look-out for wide, challenging slopes, going outside the town to explore Mont Blanc or its neighboring mountains might be your best bet.

But despite the narrow ski slopes within the town, Courmayeur proves to be one of the dream destinations of both skiers and non-skiers because of its proximity to the mountainous Alps and its range of activities.

Going around this unique village, you’d see Via Roma, which is home to a wide array of restaurants, antique shops, lively bars, and stylish boutiques. So if you’re in for a short ski session or you simply want to walk around the town to experience the rich European culture, Courmayeur surely won’t disappoint.

Its picture-perfect cobbled alleyways, stone buildings, and chalets are a complete blast from the past, making this town a great destination if you want an authentic European trip. What’s more, finding a Courmayeur ski resort that offers scenic views also won’t be a problem, thanks to the village’s great assortment of housing types.

The Ski Area

The town’s main ski area is located near some of the most famous Courmayeur ski resort. If you’re from the city center, you can get aboard a cable car to reach this area. The pistes are quite limited at 41 km, but its impressive verticals make up for what its pistes lack. With the slope’s top peaking at 2,755m and its bottom part dipping at 1,224m, its easy why Courmayeur’s ski area is still a favorite of weekend skiers.

A small village ruminating elegant European design and architecture, Courmayeur is the best you can get to nature. Plan your trip ahead and make sure to empty your luggage for great take-home souvenirs!