Amsterdam’s Art Inspiration


    Spread across the nation, The Netherlands has many creative arts inspirations and famous works, though primarily from Amsterdam. With this history of art culture here it has many up and coming artists and painters, one of them being Max Lang-Orsini as a painter based in Amsterdam, the home of fine art.

    Vincent Van Gogh is one of the key inspirations for Amsterdam, some call him the backbone of the art scene in the dutch’s golden age of art. As a painter, Van Gogh has one of the largest collections in history with many famous and recognisable pieces in this art gallery. Built here, you can visit Van Gogh’s museum in Amsterdam to see these recognisable pieces, especially if you are an art lover.

    It’s not just Van Gogh however, there are many other signs in the creative arts industry that have big names, some also having their own museum and gallery dedicated to them. Other recognisable artists you may hear are; Andy Warhol, Van Rijn and Johannes Vermeer. Some museums hold art pieces from centuries ago from unheard artists. The Stedelijk Museum does this by holding a range of art from contemporary art to modern art, giving you art lovers another reason to visit Amsterdam.

    The history of Amsterdam proves that it is the best when it comes to art, especially affordable art. Max Lang-Orsini is another upcoming painter in Amsterdam with years of experience, it is hard to knock him off the rails. The talent can be imagined when you hear that he has won 15 awards by simply painting his imagination. With a well-prepared portfolio of his artwork, you can see the passion and effort he has as a painter.

    Max Lang-Orsini has visited a few chosen countries. By choosing these places, he has been able to shift his knowledge about other countries’ way of life into his paintings. Alongside this, he also uses his imagination in a way that opens to doors for him to use his qualifications from different subject areas, such as chemistry, in his work, further providing higher quality and variety in his style.

    I would highly recommend checking out this up and coming painter, Max Lang-Orsini, or view his portfolio and scroll through the astonishing artwork that he has been able to create over the years of experience he has had in art.