Top reasons to pack your bags and visit to Sri Lanka in 2021


To a greater or lesser degree, traveling is still a type of embarkation into the unknown and when it comes to unpredictability, Sri Lanka earns the highest possible grades. The country located on an island in the Indian Ocean, has several cultural characteristics and a series of attractions that please the traveler. Here, we bring you the top Sri Lanka’s Famous Arrack that will leave you no choice but to visit this amazing country.

Go to Sinharaja Forest Reserve

The Sinharaja Forest Reserve, located in southwest Sri Lanka, has trees considered rare and vast wildlife, with many amphibians, insects, butterflies, reptiles and birds. Declared by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve, the green area is the kind of place that needs to be visited by everyone.

Discover the Elephant Orphanage

One of the most visited places in Sri Lanka, the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, is located about 90 km from Colombo, the country’s capital and is that mandatory attraction for those who like to observe a little of the routine of this region. Watching docile elephants feed and bathe in a nearby river is an interesting way.

Stay up close to the blue whales

Did you know that in Sri Lanka it is possible to interact with beautiful blue whales? Between November and April is the migration period and from Marissa beach some tourist companies offer ‘whale watching’ tour. Many boats take visitors out to sea towards the encounter of the largest aquatic mammal of all.

Adams Peak

Some Buddhists say that the marks on the summit are footprints of the Buddha. On the other hand, Hindus say they are of Shiva. There are those who claim to be the first place trampled by Adam, after being expelled from paradise. It is obvious that such a place attracts adventurers and pilgrims.

Temple of the Holy Tooth

The Temple of the Holy Tooth is perhaps the main tourist destination in Kandy, the second largest city in Sri Lanka. The most interesting object there is kept in the most important room – the Buddha’s tooth.


Sigiriya Citadel – Lion Rock

Identified in the region as the eighth wonder of the world, the citadel of Sigiriya is a tiny city erected inside Lion Rock in 476 AD to shelter a kingdom. After climbing the 600 meters of the rock, the traveler will reach a huge room with paintings, frescoes, gardens, and graffiti and at the entrance, there is a sculpture of the paws of a giant lion.

Relax and reflect in the temple of the Caves

Walking around and inside the temple of the caves of Damballa is to have the chance to appreciate the beautiful arts and feel the peace of mind that is only possible in those places that seem to have a different, almost inexplicable energy. This place holds 157 statues and cave paintings of different sizes.

Horton Plains National Park

Sri Lanka provides the visitor with indescribable natural attractions. The forest area of ​​more than 10 thousand hectares includes different animal species and well-diversified flora.

These were the famous attractions in Sri Lanka, which we hope will serve you well. For more details, see Best travel tips in Google and get ready for your next big travel.