5 Low-cost Luxury Spas in Bali with Beautiful Views


With its title as a relaxation center in Southeast Asia, it’s no wonder you find the words ‘day spa’ all over the island of Bali. Want to be scrubbed, flower bathed, or pampered? Don’t worry. Bali will accept all these requests.

However, what has often been doubted is that an economical spa in the halls may not necessarily provide the luxury and comfort you crave. On the other hand, it is not possible to visit resorts which are very expensive, right?

Fortunately, some mid-range body care centers in Bali offer something that budget-friendly spas don’t have. We’ve selected five awesome Day Spas that will take you to a tropical paradise!

  1. Natural spa with ocean view in Jimbaran: La Joya

Just a few minute’s walk from Balangan Beach, you will see La Joya villa with its thatched roof. It may seem normal at first glance, but this place is the centerpiece of one of Jimbaran’s enchanting day spas.

The trail will lead you to a secluded wellness center overlooking Balangan Beach. Lying under the thatched roof in the oThe, and you can unite your mind and soul with the views of the beautiful Jimbaran coast.

The types of treatments here span the world’s h for true spa lower sealing techniques, ranging from ancient Ayurvedic massages to hot stone therapy, shiatsu, traditional Balinese therapy, and Thai massage. You can also soak in the stunning floating pool overlooking the endless blue Balangan Beach.

  1. Healing with water at a mystical riverside spa: Tjampuhan Spa

With its mystical feel, this outdoor spa is known as the most beautiful secret location in Ubud. Tjampuhan Hotel’s day spa is situated at the bottom of a valley, on a tributary of Ubud flows quietly. This Day Spa consists of several semi-open pavilions for treatments and a hot/cold spring Jacuzzi set in a natural stone niche.

By its location, Tjampuhan Spa serves healing methods through water media. This one of the traditional Balinese healing methods is believed to evoke inner peace and overall health.

You don’t have to be a hotel guest to enjoy this unique and hidden Tjampuhan day spa. Outside, guests can enjoy a spa around the river valley and cave for a fee of IDR 110,000 per half-day, including access to hot and cold whirlpool pools, sauna, and steam room.

  1. Pamper yourself among elephants!: Elephant Safari Park Lodge

This safari park-inspired lodge and day spa is one of the unique places in Ubud, as it is also home to a herd of Asian elephants. In lush botanical gardens and acres of tropical forest, elephants can roam freely throughout the day – allowing you to catch a glimpse of the herd right from the spa room.

Not only can you stay in the spa room, but you can also take a tour around this park area for only $41 (around Rp. 546,120, -). This package includes breakfast and a dip in the river with the elephants.

Make sure you book the massage-after-breakfast package because the price is quite affordable. There is also a beautiful ‘Relaxing Room’ with stunning views over the garden. Who knows you might see some elephants walking around.

  1. Win the soul by the river: Maya Ubud Spa

The spa in this place is so special that we don’t really mind if we have to dig a little deeper to enjoy it.

Maya Ubud Spa is a 10-hectare resort and spa nestled along the secluded Petanu River overlooking the green Peliatan rice fields. Heading to this spa is a memorable experience in itself. When entering the resort, you will be taken down by an elevator to the spa room at the bottom which directly faces the river. You can relax in the morning sun and views of the lush valley.

Through the path, you will go to a private treatment room that has a daybed overlooking the vertical garden of the forest valley. For true spa lovers, the trained experts and therapists in Maya Ubud Spa provide some special services, from reflexology to skin rejuvenation treatments.

  1. Enjoy an eco-friendly atmosphere with a waterfall view: Taksu Ubud Spa

This eco-friendly spa, restaurant, and yoga center is located in the heart of Ubud, in a secluded river valley that runs between Jalan Monkey Forest and Jalan Hanoman.

The nuances of the buildings and the rainforest create a serene impression with a view of the waterfall. While the Balinese pavilion and rows of towering bamboo trees make the atmosphere look beautiful.

The internationally trained therapists at Taksu Ubud Spa will guide you through the path to a comfortable and quiet room – where treatments are inspired by the ‘soul of the river and forest’. There is also a saltwater pool to soak after a massage in the middle of a shady forest!

Now you know the “luxury” spas with affordable prices and beautiful panoramas. Don’t ever hesitate to look for a comfortable massage place when in Bali!

Whether your trips take you on a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas, and resorts, or urban attractions, extra research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about (Lake Toba) by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.