Staying Safe In San Diego: Seven Local Troublespots for Accidents


Hey! Stop looking at your phone! That is if you’re driving right now. Our San Diego traffic may not compare to an LA sea of brake lights, but it still can be hazardous. So,for both your health and that of your bank account, it’s best to know where the dangers are and plan accordingly.

Here’s a summary of the most dangerous intersections in San Diego and a guide to what to do in case of an accident:

1.Freeway 67

With its 25 miles of snaking turns, Freeway 67 has been the site of over 50 fatal crashes in the last 20 years. Any time you can walk away from a car accident, consider yourself lucky. Always be sure to check with a medical professional to make sure you’re not injured. As for your car, you’ll then need to jumpstart your search for the best auto repair in San Diego.

2.El Cajon Blvd

It may be dim lighting. It may be the three lanes continuing in both directions. Either way, there’s something about El Cajon that brings out the speed demon in many drivers. And what’s most scary is that there’s plenty of lights and pedestrians crossing the road at all hours.

3.Interstate 5

And then there’s the 5. This popular route between LA and San Diego boasts up to six lanes each way. And wouldn’t you think more space equals fewer tie-ups? Think again.  Traffic can back up and cause wrecks in the blink of an eye. And thanks to other accidents, emergency help can take some time to respond. When driving on a highway like the 5, always stay alert and scan the road ahead for brake lights.

4.University and Marlborough Ave.

This intersection, unfortunately, rates among San Diego’s 15 most dangerous. Sadly, in many cases, the accidents have involved pedestrians. In some instances, cars have collided while trying to avoid them. In others, walkers themselves have been victims. It’s no wonder legislation is consistently proposed to make this intersection safer.

5.Interstate 15

As you know, this interstate moves San Diegans from downtown to the suburbs. The combination of drunk or fatigued drivers coming home in bumper-to-bumper traffic causes many accidents. It’s best to avoid this highway or only travel on it in off-hours.

6. 6th Avenue and Market St

The combination of impatient drivers and impatient crosswalk signals makes this intersection risky for all. Both cars and people find themselves at odds when trying to pass through this area. Also, the intersection is not well lit, forcing everyone to guess where the markings are. Avoid the area if at all possible.

7. Fifth Avenue

In contrast to the beauty of the Gaslamp District lies 5th avenue, a street that runs through it. This road is challenging because it’s not only narrow, but one-way, and jam-packed on weekends with people enjoying the nightlife. Therefore, on a warm Friday evening, accidents involving jaywalkers and non-attentive motorists are commonplace. When passing through, be patient, drive slow, and remember that getting to dinner on time needn’t be a matter of life and death.

If you’re in an accident:

Remember, your health and that of your passengers should be your first priority. Call 911 as soon as possible and consider getting tested for injuries in an emergency room.

Once you’ve taken care of your health, here are some tips for what to do with your car:

  1. Find an auto shop you feel you can trust. Look for it to have certifications like NAPA Autocare, AAA, Better Business Bureau, or PPG.
  2. Expect your insurance company to tell you if your car is repairable or considered totaled.
  3. Decide whose insured to use. If you’re not at fault, it may be better to use the other person’s insurance. Ask your agent for the best course of action.
  4. Realize the repair offer from the insurance company is negotiable. If it doesn’t seem high enough, refuse to accept it. Use your insurance company to help you negotiate. Disputes like these can sometimes go to court.
  5. You’re also entitled to keep the cash payout instead of fixing your car. Not all vehicles are worth the investment. Work with your insurance company and attorney to determine what makes the most sense.

When Accidents happen. We’re here to help.

Accidents can happen, even to people like you and I. If your car is in need of serious repair, contact the experts at San Diego Auto Body and Paint at (760) 621-7128. Or feel free to use our online form. Your free estimate awaits!