A guide to travel cheaply and effectively in the USA


United states, the grand association of 50 states has always been alluring plethora of visitors across the world. It is the home of one of the seven wonders of the world, world’s leading film industry and a city of entertainment, fun and trivia. There are many beaches, mountains, clubs and theatres that puts a perfect balance between natural and modern destinations. Having said that, I always had a dream of travelling there but with my moderate salary, I would just think and put my desires at bay.

The USA is not a particularly cheap destination to travel to, though it is similar to many Western countries. There are some necessary expenditures like the Air tickets, but you can cut through many expenses. I figured out the small expenditures, jot it down and found a great alternative that almost cut down half of my expenses. With some tact, you will be able to navigate this amazing continent on whatever budget you have, however small it may be. Here is my guide to traveling the USA cheaply without hampering your fun factor.


Traveling is all a matter of choice, and if you want to travel for very little money, you will have to decide what it is that are willing to sacrifice, and what you cannot live without. For example, you might be the type of person who can happily camp out rather than staying in hotels, but you might like to eat out at dinners often. Maybe you’re the opposite? You want a nice room to stay in, and then are contented having a stroll round, eating at your apartment, and sitting on a beach with a bottle of tap water.

Prioritize your travels, first in your mind, and then through action. Fit your budget around what you want to do. You don’t want to sacrifice everything fun about traveling, and find yourself confined. That way, you can cut your non essentials and travel cheap, and effective.

Transport Savings

If you know where you are going in advance, at least for the first leg of a journey, then you can plan accordingly and find the best deal for flights in advance. You can make massive savings by using flight comparison websites, booking far in advance, or alternatively looking out for last minute flights.

If you are traveling by car, as in the great American Road Trip, then you could consider renting one out, which is usually at least as cheap as using your own, and can save the hassle of maintenance at the end. Choose and ecologically friendly fuel efficient car to make big savings on gasoline expenses.

USA Rail passes are available for purchase for periods of 15, 30, or 45-days. If used wisely, and often, as a primary means of transport around the US, they will bring big savings. Alternatively, take the bus like Greyhound, for cheap travel between big cities.

Make a list

It is very important that you make a list of your favourite places in a state so that you do not miss ticking them on. Sometimes, linking places on the map in accordance with their route saves a lot of time, energy and fare. Because I was always fascinated about visiting some of the most haunted places in America, I included the Hannah house, suggested by the SuperParanormal Blog. In this demeanour, I was able to constantly keep that information in my mind. Later, when I arrived Indiana I checked my list and visited that place.

Your list can also include informations regarding the cheap places to stay around the locality, famous attractions of the state and artefacts to buy from there. Better prepare before you leave in order to have an immersive trip experience, keeping everyday hassles at bay.

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A Few Tips For Cheap And Effective Travel

  • Avoid tours and packages. They are not a great way to get the most for your money. You pay a lot more for the tour guide, and for the organization that goes into it. The tours often have you stay at expensive, but touristy hotels, use luxurious transport, and eat at fine restaurants. Not a great formula for effective travel, and not the best way to make the most of your time in the US either.
  • Visit places that are like outdoor museums, or places that have a great ambience in themselves, and great sights to see, such as New York City. This way you won’t spend a lot of money out of boredom. You can see loads, get a feel for the city, and then move on when you feel the urge.
  • Nature is free. Well, in the USA there is a very small fee for visiting National Parks. In nature you can hike and bike, picnic, and see spectacular displays from the planet. Nothing is more raw and real then getting out there in some wild country, and the US is full of it. Check out Yellowstone for some amazing wildlife. A National Park Pass costs around $80, and allows you unlimited free access into all of the national parks, as well as camping. Perfect for anyone who thinks that hiking and camping might be the best way to travel.
  • There are lots of ways to travel for cheap. Volunteer for example. This way you are giving back to the local community that you are visiting. You could also check out coach surfing, a community that allows free accommodation in the home of a local.
  • Avoid Hotel Resorts. Some resorts are great fun for holidays where the budget doesn’t matter so much, but for a good stint of traveling you should consider cheaper accommodation such as camping, car-camping, or stays at smaller hotels or hostels.
  • Get the balance right! Do what you really want to do, and cut back on the expensive things that won’t affect the depth of your experience.


While planning things before executing them resolve a lot of conflicts, few hurdles may still jump in your way. Well, in my case, I was caught with power failure and had to spend my whole night at the terrace of a hotel in California. Though, all I cherish is my 3000 USD of savings through my entire trip and few hours of power cut was all worth it.

It’s high time that we wrap this article. So, keep three basic things in mind. First of all, take a travel diary out, map places and jot down the activities you are looking forward to perform. In addition, write alternatives of expensive restaurants and hotels and do a cost comparison. If you plan it early, there are high chances you will get a discount with airlines and even few premium hotels if you book it in advance. In conclusion, keep your essentials with you viz. medicines, cards and stuffs. Happy travelling.