Spend Time in the Ocean & Make the Most Out of it with Reel Affair


The ocean offers mysteries that even experts have never explored before because of how deep it is. There’s a huge chance that there are many species of ocean-dwelling creatures that we haven’t heard of before, and these creatures may or may not pose some threat. But aside from the mysteriousness of the sea, it provides comfort that we can never find on land. The water might have something to do with it, bringing positive energy through our body and soul. That’s why many people love being near the ocean, smelling the salty air, and more.

Reel Affair Fishing Charters offer fishing and whale watching, perfect for sea-lovers who want to be on the sea all the time. With Reel Affair, you can experience fishing different species of fish without needing a fishing license. These activities will take you off the coast of Merimbula, New South Wales. It is considered a fisherman’s paradise due to the Continental Shelf and many coastal reef systems that lie only 20 nautical miles away.

Catch Your First Fish with Reel Affair

Reel Affair is a 38-foot Mariner Cruiser that can accommodate up to 12 people max and up to 30 nautical miles offshore. It is loaded with the latest fish-finding equipment, which makes it ideal for Deep-Sea & King Fishing, Game Fishing, and Reef Fishing. It has six beds, a dining table & lounge, an electric toilet, shower, full galley, a deck, and many amenities that will make your stay worth it. It’s fishing on another level, with the highest comfort available that’s worth the adventure. They offer these fishing programs on a private or shared charter basis.

Deep-Sea & King Fishing is available all year round, with the 40 Fathom Reef that lies 8 miles offshore and the 70 Fathom Reef that lies 15 miles offshore. Next is Game Fishing, led by skipper Phil Mitchell who has extensive experience in big game sports fishing that can give both experienced and newbie fisherman a chance to land their dream fish. Lastly, enjoy Reef Fishing off the coast of Merimbula, where you will find many coastal reef systems.

Find the Humpback Whales during their Southern Migration

Whales are among the most resilient marine animals that have shown strength after bringing themselves out of near extinction due to decades after decades of commercial whaling. There are currently 7,000 humpback whales that are migrating along the coastline of New South Whales. It’s the tail slapping, breaching, and feeding displays that bring people to their toes just to see these magnificent creatures. Mother whales, calves, and their escorts are highly attracted to the inner reef systems. And it’s a beautiful way for everyone to see these creatures up close in the middle of your fishing trip.

Spotting a whale at sea is very easy. First, you have to look for the blow of the whale, which is the cloud or spray or mist when whales exhale air through their blowholes. Next, look for a sudden splash of water, which may be due to them slapping their tail or breaching. There will be a whirlpool effect that’s most likely caused by their footprint. You might also see their tail descending into the water and their fins too.