Learn to Dive In Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka is a country full of beautiful places and water all around. It gives immense pleasure in diving under the beautiful India sea all around Sri Lankan borders. The country offers an adventurous offer to learn and dive with tropical fishes and coral reefs. Sri Lanka offers various PADI courses and the training is given by expert divers. The diving training is the best in the world and one can get the chance to feel the underwater world. So if you are ready to spend some memorable time with sea creatures then here is some useful information about how and where you can learn diving in Sri Lanka.

Professional Association of Diving Instructors(PADI)

The association was founded in 1966 as the training organization for divers. It has three courses i.e. beginners, advanced divers, experts. The divers get certified after clearing these courses. The training is useful for people looking to get trained by expert divers. PADI courses are available in many institutes for diving courses in Sri Lanka.

PADI diving Courses

There are three courses PADI offers:

  1. PADI Beginners Course: The course is conducted for those who are new in the diving field. It is the introductory course for beginners. One can choose from three sub courses i.e. discover scuba diving, scuba diver, open water diver.

The discover scuba diving is the fear buster for starters. If a person wants to explore the scuba diving but doesn’t want to barge into a certification course, then this can be the chance of discovering the underwater world and meeting the creatures of the enormous sea.

The scuba diver course is the small certification of course for learners who want to learn and explore scuba diving but don’t have lots of time. This can be the door opening for your journey as the scuba diver.

The open water diver course is for those who have always wanted to learn and explore the world beneath water and waves. This is a complete certification course for those who have a passion for scuba diving. The course certification is known as the best all around the globe.

  1. PADI Advanced Course: The course is for advance learners, who had already explored their passion and looking forward to learning the advanced skills. One needs to possess beginners’ certification from PADI or from any other recognized school for divers. A diver learns adventure diving, advance diving, emergency response, rescue diver, master and instructor courses in PADI advance course for divers.

  1. PADI experts: This is the course specially designed for advanced certificate holders who are looking for exploring more of scuba diving. After pursuing this course you will certify as diving specialists.

All these courses of PADI can be learned in Sri Lanka. People from around the world can go for PADI diving course in Sri Lanka.