How Can You Hire a Motorbike in Manila?


Book2wheel has recently launched a motorbike rental service in Manila for students, delivery riders, and frontline workers. We now offer long terms rentals with minimum cost and with comprehensive insurance. We understand it is expensive to buy a new motorbike and it is hard to sell once you are done using it especially for companies who need motorbike for their staff.

We have put together a package which will fit corporate employees as well people who have low salaries in the Philippines. Here are the details for long terms rentals in Manila.


Motorbikes Yamaha Mio (2016 and 2018), Honda beat (2019), Honda click 125cc (2019)
Rate 6000 PHP a month without insurance, while 6500 PHP a month with fully
comprehensive insurance
Minimum contract 1 months. Note: In order to avail of the discount, the total payment for 1 months must be made before or during the start of the rental period.
Inclusions Free check-up of the motorbikeChange oil for every 1000 KM4500 KM
monthly limit on mileageTire change for every 12000 KM


We will provide brand new tires and tubes on the day of your rental. If the tire (either front or back) gets flat during your rental period, you will cover the cost of the flat tire. We change tires every 12000 KM.

Suggested standards as well as regulations for motorbike rental:

  • Don’t ride without traveling insurance. In our viewpoint, excellent travel insurance from your native land is a must when taking a trip generally. Especially, if you prepare to drive in a foreign country. You have to confirm it covers driving a motorcycle as some define it as a severe sporting activity. Ensure that your insurance policy covers it.
  • Never ever ride a motorbike in Manila without having a proper driving certificate. It seems quite apparent, right? Well, the point is, that to ride any type of motorbike in Manila, just a basic driving permit is required. So, your routine driving permit could be enough, even if it won’t permit you to ride a bike in your home country. Excellent news, right? No, it’s not! The reason is your insurance coverage. If you enter a crash your insurer can assert that you didn’t have enough certificate and hence not compensate you.
  • Don’t ride if you’re not certain enough in your riding skills. Bear in mind that you’re most likely to drive in a really provincial environment. So, despite the fact that you’ll most likely travel slow, you should be expecting unmaintained curvy roadways, kids, as well as domestic animals running around, agronomists drying their plants when traveling throughout the day, as well as unlighted, pitch-black roads in the evening.

How does renting really work?

When you’ll rent a bike, you’ll be generally asked to show your driving ID or license. The store will take a photo of the ID as well as sign you on a waiver mentioning that anything that occurs is your responsibility. Then you’ll join a file that specifies the level of repayment you’ll be in charge of if you harm the bike, or damages it when it is under your rental agreement. Ensure that the sum is reasonable. So, if the stated quantity is very high, walk away to another shop.