4 Annual Events in Paris You Have To Visit!


No matter when you visit Paris, there will always be a surprise waiting for you in this beautiful French capital. From some of the best landmarks in the world, to most extravagant annual events, there are several things you can do in Paris whenever you come here. That is the reason why it is one of the most happening cities in the globe. Check out the top 5 annual events that are held in Paris and then decide which one intrigues you the most.

Paris Autumn Festival – locally known as the Festival d’Automne à Paris, this festival has been celebrated since 1972. There are 47 event locations where the festival is hosted all across the city. The programs of this event last all through September till the end of November. You can attend different theatre, dance, music, and film events that are organized in all the 47 locations. This is one of the best events that all art and music lovers should visit at least once.

French Heritage Days – the French Heritage Days were organized in order to spread more awareness about French and European history. It helps the people to come closer to their own culture and learn more about it. The event is held in the mid of September and almost every historic landmark and cultural center in Paris takes part in this annual event. So, it is a great time to visit the museums, theatres, & palaces. This is a unique and wholesome experience for everyone who takes part in this event.

Paris Chocolate Fair – do you love eating chocolates? Then you have to visit the Paris Chocolate Fair which takes place during late October and early November. You will see that thousands of chefs and chocolatiers will come from different parts of France to take part in this wonderful event. Everyone comes together to show their delicious creations to the people. Each of the chocolate recipes that you will find here are usually made of the finest cocoa and various other rich ingredients. So, satisfy your taste buds by visiting the Paris Chocolate Fair.

Silmo Paris – tech lovers head to the Silmo Paris and check out brand new innovations of the year. This giant tech event usually records 25,000+ visitors from many countries. It is one of the most innovative and interesting events that you will ever visit. Everyone here comes to show their self-made innovations & gadgets. Several industrialists and top tech experts are also invited to preside during the entire course. Don’t forget to book some of the Silmo Paris hotels beforehand to have a fixed place to stay.

Paris is the not only the proud capital of France but, it one of the top happening cities in Europe. If you are looking to have some fun and do exciting things in Paris, then you got to book your tickets when one of these events are going to take place. We can guarantee that you will have the time of your life if you do so!