Here Is Why You Should Buy Travel Insurance Before Your International Trip


In the last few years, travel insurances have become an essential aspect of travelling. Now, whether you are travelling abroad for business or sheer pleasure, you need to be prepared for the unknowns. Travel insurances not only just work against unforeseen medical expenses, but it can also provide a safeguard against certain travel-related emergencies, which can entirely ruin your international trips like losing your luggage or even the passport or visa.

Some of the reason why you should seriously consider opting for travel insurance

1) Mandatory requirement

Believe it or not, there are some of the countries out there where it is mandatory to have travel insurance if you are willing to visit there. There are several instances where you are informed after arriving at the immigration counter that due to the absence of travel insurance, you are not allowed to enter into the foreign land. Unless you want to go through such harassment, it is always advised to check whether your destination country has made travel insurance mandatory or not for the visitors.

2) Financial protection or backup from unforeseeable medical expenses

No matter how prominent or perfect your travel plan might sound, there’s always a chance for anything that might go wrong. The same goes for sudden medial emergency during the international trip; it leaves us vulnerable at the foreign land. Given the medical expenses related to the majority of the developed countries, there’s always a chance for burning a hole in your pocket. In such instances, there’s no harm towards paying a small premium in order to overcome such a situation. So, instead of turning your beautiful holiday into a nightmare, choose the travel insurance that works best for you. You can also put add-ons with your insurance for added services like medical evacuation.

3) A friend on overseas

If you are travelling abroad, travel insurance policies are a must-have. There are several insurances which can provide you 24X7, round the clock customer support for all of your claims. In such a situation, what shall you call them instead of a friend? No matter wherever you are in the world, if you are getting a Travel Insurance Policy from your insurer, there’s a great chance that they have a dedicated support team in case of any emergency. Further adding, the entire process is always hassle-free, so that the policy buyer can get the best out of everything.

4) Coverage against personal liability

Travelling to a foreign land can also pose a threat, not only to you but also being inflected to a third party, whether it be a person or a property. In such instances, the expenses are to be borne by the insured. In order to cover these, some of the travel insurance policy offers the benefit of ‘Personal Liability’ where the insurance company shall cover the expenses for the damages imposed on any third-party.

5) Coverage against travel emergencies

There are several times, where the emergency might on incur due to a medical emergency, but due to the loss of certain personal belongings. Losing your passport, laptop, international driving license, and even your entire luggage can cause you trouble the same way as that of any critical medical condition. There are also many instances where your entire flight may get cancelled due to bad weather or some or serious reason. This is exactly where travel insurance against personal belongings or the whole insurance, in general, deems to be beneficial. It can also help you to cut-off several losses without breaking the bank.

Always protect yourself financially

While your domestic travel may not require the need for travel insurance, the same doesn’t apply for international tours. In such a case, it is always advised to get into the practice of insuring your travel. There’s no point in fighting the unknown, so it is far better to be prepared rather than be sorry. By paying a small premium against your travel insurance, you can always reap the benefits of a huge coverage when the need requires. So, the next time you are willing to go on a vacation overseas, don’t forget to opt for a travel insurance for a safe and sound journey.