Flight Delay Compensation – What am I Entitled To?


In the European Union (EU), the law states that if your flight is delayed for at least three hours or more then you can claim a flight delay compensation. This is to compensate the people for any sort of hindrance they have faced because of a flight delay.
However, if it is less than three hours then the airline is entitled to provide some refreshments and accommodate you in any way they can. It also doesn’t apply to people whose flight was delayed due to exceptional circumstances.
If your flight was also delayed for three hours or more and you are looking for flight delay compensation, then here is how you can calculate it.

Fill An Online Form
All you need to do is go to the flight delay compensation site to see how much you can get for your troubles. You will have to provide information for the form such as:
” Name
” Airline
” Flight Number
” Departure Airport
” Final Destination
” Scheduled Arrival
” Actual Arrival
Once you have all this information ready, you can use a flight delay compensation calculator and check the amount of compensation you may be entitled to get from the airline.

Estimates Of Flight Delay Compensation
Here is a small estimate of how much compensation you may get depending on the distance of the flight and the length of the delay.
” If your flight distance is 1500km or less and your flight is delayed at least three hours then you will get approximately around Ä100 – Ä125. However, if it more than three hours you are most likely to get approximately Ä250
” With a distance of 1500 – 3500km and a delay of three or more hours you will get at least Ä400
” With a distance of 3500km or more and a delay of around three to four hours, you will get a compensation of around Ä300
” With a distance of 3500km or more and a delay of more than four hours, you are likely to be compensated Ä600
” With a distance of 3500km or more, an intra-community flight and a delay of three to four hours you will get approximately Ä200
” With a distance of 3500 km or more, an intra-community flight, and a delay of more than four hours you will get a compensation of approximately Ä400

These are estimate figures. However, with these distances and these hours you are more than likely to get flight delay compensation around these numbers. One important thing to remember here is that the amount of compensation varies from case to case and you will only get a flight delay compensation if you have adhered to all of the airline’s check-in deadlines and guidelines.
Once this is done, you will get compensation in a much easier manner without any sort of hindrances. Just remember to check the rules and guidelines before applying for compensation.

Final Words
Thanks to the EU Regulation 261/2004 (EC 261), you are eligible for flight delay compensation in case of any delays to your flight. However, if your flight is more than five hours late or rerouting of the plan then you may be entitled to a flight delay refund. If you fulfill any of these requirements then file for compensation now!