How to Holiday in the UK this year


Due to the current climate in 2021, going abroad for a holiday is going to be tough, but this doesn’t mean you cannot have a relaxing break in the UK! The past 12 months have been difficult for everybody – so we want to shine some light on the amazing ways you can holiday in the UK. Just to note, these ideas are subject to any travel restrictions within the UK and we do not condone the breaking of rules.

Motorhome Holidays

First on our list of UK holidays is the motorhome holiday. Motorhome’s are thought to have been first used around 1910, and they are still hugely popular today. Something that stays relevant and popular for over 100 years is certainly a viable option for us to enjoy.

Benefits of a motorhome holiday:

  • You are free to travel anywhere you want in the UK, without having to worry about accommodation costs, as long as you are set up somewhere that allows.
  • Packing is much simpler. You can pack some bags but you can also store many of your items in your motorhome, without having to be concerned with suitcase or luggage space.
  • You are always free to start your next adventure – booking flights and accommodation is not a factor to consider.
  • You become part of a community. Motorhome ownership may lead you to new friendships with people with similar loves for outdoors and adventures.

Cons of a motorhome holiday:

  • Upfront cost of a motorhome. Motorhome’s can be expensive, but you can also buy them on a budget, and when you consider the amount you may spend on flights and accommodation for your whole family for 1 holiday, the use you will get out of a motorhome may save you money long term.
  • Maintenance costs. If you do choose to buy a cheaper motorhome, as with a car, you are likely to run into issues that will cost you money to fix.
  • Storing your motorhome. Motorhomes are of course large vehicles, so you have to take into account whether or not you have the storage space at home to keep one, when you are not on holiday.

You may also worry that once you buy a motorhome, you are tied into a contract forever, however, this is not the case. Sell My Motorhome, a motorhome buying company stands by the fact that “we buy any motorhome, so if you want to holiday for a couple of years and then sell your motorhome, you don’t have to worry about struggling to get rid of it!”

Holiday Parks

Another great option for staying in the UK and having an exciting, yet relaxing holiday is a holiday park, such as Center Parcs or Butlins. As many people will know, these holidays come with a price tag, but if you do your research, there are many similar places that you can holiday to, without the extreme costs.

Benefits of holiday parks:

  • Huge range of fun activities for both adults and children. The beauty of these places is that you can go with your family and have endless fun with the kids, or you can go with your friends and make it a fun party weekend. They are very versatile and suited to most.
  • Various locations. There are locations for holiday parks all over the country, so the likelihood is that you wont need to do any excessive travelling to get there.
  • This type of holiday can be enjoyed with anybody. Whether you want to take your kids, your grandparents or your friends, there are activities to suit all.

Cons of holiday parks:

  • The price tag. Holiday parks can be really expensive, especially if you want to stay for a significant amount of time. There are budget options however, if you do your research.

Seaside Holidays

Seaside holidays are quintessentially British and you’ve probably heard your parents or grandparents tell you how they have holidayed in Blackpool or Skegness. The seaside has been part of British culture for so long and many still love to holiday at our beaches. In caravan parks or B&B’s, there is a range of accommodation and things to do at British seaside towns.

Benefits of seaside holidays:

  • Lower budget. You can do a seaside holiday for fairly cheap, paying for travel to get there, depending on how close you are, should be relatively cheap, and you can certainly find cheap accommodation. Spending money will vary, depending on how much you like to play in the arcades!
  • Suitable for all ages. The beauty of the seaside is you can go with the whole family, with pubs, amusements, the beach and much more, everybody has something to do.
  • Generally close by. It is more than likely that you are not too far from your closest seaside town, no matter where you live, so travel shouldn’t be too much of an issue, with the majority having train stations and plenty of parking.

Cons of seaside holidays:

  • British weather. As we all know, British weather isn’t the most trustworthy, and although a seaside holiday doesn’t necessarily require stunning weather, it certainly makes the experience more pleasurable.
  • Litter can often be a big issue at seasides, unfortunately, people are still not wise to the huge impact it has. Alongside this, the pesky seagulls will be there trying to steal your chips!

These are a few ways that you can holiday in the UK, providing that restrictions allow, so we hope that you now have some fantastic ideas to have in 2021. There are lots of ways you can holiday in the UK, but these are a few of our favourites to give you a good idea of what is available. Do your research and adhere to the rules and make sure that you enjoy life safely.