Everything You Need to Know Before Visiting Lapland 


Finland is a country full of nature, architecture, culture, and cuisine that attracts millions of people every year. Finland is known for its nature and beautiful cities. With the beautiful cities, you can enjoy the travelling adventure around the country. Well, Lapland is one such amazing city in Finland, which is visited by thousands of tourists each year. The time of the pandemic has reduced the number of tourists, so you can visit the city without having to worry about the crowd. 

Lapland is the hottest travel destination in Finland, which you should not miss visiting. If you are willing to travel to Lapland after this pandemic ends, then you should know everything about this place. In this post, we are going to share detailed information about Lapland. In this Lapland travel guide, you’ll learn everything about travelling to Lapland. From transportation, accommodation, and sightseeing, we are sharing every bit of information for your travel adventure in Lapland, Finland. 

How to Reach Lapland? 

Visiting Lapland is quite easy. Although there are no direct international flights to Lapland, you have to land in Helsinki. As Helsinki is the capital of Finland, you have to take a flight to the same and then reach Lapland. From Helsinki Airport, you can book a private taxi, grab a train from the nearest station, or even hop on the local bus service to reach Lapland. It’s that easy.

Accommodation in Lapland 

The accommodation options in Lapland are abundant. There are hundreds of good quality hotels available in the town. You can find luxurious hotels and simple hotels. For the families, you can book the Airbnb apartment, which is available on most of the prime locations in the city. Not just that, the budget backpackers won’t be disappointed, as there are tons of hostels in the town for accommodating the budget travelers. So, consider your options and choose the best one from online sites like Bookings.com or Hotels.com for convenience. 

What to Do in Lapland? 

There are a lot of places that you can visit. Here are the places you should visit and the activities you must perform in Lapland. 

#1 – Husky Safari

The Husky Safari is the unique experience that you can only get in Lapland. With the Huskies pulling the cart, you can slide on the snowy surface, enjoying the ride. The entire ride lasts for 30 minutes, and that’d be a life-changing experience. 

#2 – Arctic Snow Hotel 

The Arctic Snow Hotel is made entirely from the snow. The huge chunks of ice and snow are used in building this entire hotel. It’s a lifetime experience to visit this hotel and have some drinks at the counter in the cups made from ice. A chilling yet enjoying experience. 

#3 – Santa Village 

There is a rumor that Santa Claus operates from Lapland. As the rumor spread around the world, the government decide to set up a special Santa village for the tourists. You can visit this entire village based on Santa Claus, check out the houses, gifts, see reindeers and also visit the Santa Claus and click pictures with him. It’s an interesting experience that you must not miss at any cost.