All You Need to Know About Nile Cruises


There is no better way to explore Egypt than a Nile cruise, considered by foreigners and natives to be the centerpiece of Egyptian Vacation and the ideal method of Traveling across the wonder of the countries. Being on a Nile cruise is a highly pleasant experience as it merges the glorious history of Egypt with the enchanting atmosphere of this charming country. Boarding a cruise across the world’s longest river & the lifestream of Egypt “The Nile” which stretches 6,695 KM (4,160 mi) from source to mouth, is quite a journey, most the Nile cruises sail between the magical Cites of Luxor and Aswan among some of the most breathtaking temples like the valley of the king, Hatshepsut temple, Karnak Temple, Abu Simbel, Philea temple, Edfu Temple, Kom Ombo, and many more unbelievable attractions.

The Nile cruises can last from two to a full eight days depending on the budget, hunger for wonder & beauty, and sense of adventure. The climate of Egypt is more summer than winter that’ why the winter days from November to April are the ideal time to drop for a visit. There are many cruise boats in Egypt belonging to various tourism companies, all provide the coolest means of entertainment, the best and finest service but nothing like “Trips in Egypt” as the company crushes the competition with the perfect service of the Nile cruises at a very competitive price.

The Best Time To Enjoy Nile Cruise

The best time to book the Nile cruise is between October April during the winter when the temperatures are moderate as in the summer months the temperature can reach 40 C. during these winter months the climate as it’s the finest ant the cities of Luxor and Aswan are surrounded by an aura of pure magic under the world’s most beautiful sunrises & sunsets.

Best Nile Cruises In Egypt

To enjoy the best Nile cruise experience, you have to board the best Cruise. There are about 300 Nile cruises in Egypt but of course, you are looking to spend your time and money on the best cruise that enjoys a professional friendly trained crew including an Egyptologist tour guide, Good food, and clean facilities, then your best Nile Cruise options are MS Farah Nile, Ms. Nile Godess, Sudan, Oberoi Zahra, Sonesta Saint George, Movenpick Ms. Royal Lily.

Safety Of Nile Cruises

There is truly nothing safer in Egypt than a Nile cruise. The Nile is a peaceful river that doesn’t hit people with Icebergs like the titanic, so you have nothing to worry about except you much fun you are going to have. All the cruises are equipped with a full highly-trained staff that will provide you with every need. The cruise contains various means of safe entertainment, the most comfortable rooms, and a great selected food menu. You won’t have to worry about your belongings being stolen as the cruise will under tight security to maintain the safety of everyone on the boat.

What To Pack For the Nile Cruise

If you found yourself on a Nile Cruises then there are a few items that you have to bring like a Sun Protection cream, a Sun Hat & Sunglasses as the Egyptian sun is incredibly strong on the foreigner’s skin. It is also a good idea to bring Walking Sandals (Flip flops) as it could be too hot for closed shoes. Your main objective when it comes to your wardrobe should be comforting like Sundresses and T-shirts that will feel very relaxing. Scarf or Pashmina will protect your neck and keep your body warm & dry. Tissues are a must you don’t know what might happen. The most important item is a power adapter with USB Ports so you can keep your devices running including your camera and phone so you won’t miss the chance to take incredible photos of the best destinations in Egypt.