Douglas Dohrman Delves Into Next Year’s Top Forecast Travel Destinations


Douglas Dohrman explores the latest holiday destinations touted to be the most popular of 2021.

From breathtaking Scandinavia to the wilds of Africa, travel experts are already making predictions about 2021’s must-see holiday destinations after a year of limited travel for many in light of the ongoing global health crisis. With a lifelong love of jet-setting, author and editor Douglas Dohrman takes a closer look at the places currently forecast to be the most popular with holidaymakers during the coming 12 months.

“Currently forecast to be top among 2021’s most popular holiday destinations are the Maldives and Seychelles,” reveals Douglas Dohrman, speaking from his home in eastern Texas.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Mexico is also touted to be popular once again as travel restrictions begin to be lifted in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic which has seen vacations canceled for many this year. “Mexico is always popular,” explains Douglas Dohrman, “but, in 2021, there’s a belief among experts that travel to more far-flung destinations will really take off as holidaymakers look to make up for lost experiences owing to this year’s travel restrictions.”

Accordingly, Patagonia and Namibia have been highlighted early on as likely to see higher visitor numbers during 2021 than ever before. “South America as a whole is forecast to see greater levels of tourism than usual,” Douglas Dohrman suggests, “as are numerous destinations in Africa.”

Recent ‘top 10’ lists shared by travel industry experts further predict Iceland, Norway, Portugal, Greece, and the Mediterranean as a whole to be popular with travelers during the coming 12 months, Douglas Dohrman reports. “The United Arab Emirates and Egypt are also expected to see a significant rise in visitors next year,” adds the successful author and editor.

Following a challenging year for many, it seems, then, that international travel will make a somewhat triumphant return as individuals, couples, and families alike seek vacations to pastures new in 2021. “This year, many people have learned not to take their annual vacations for granted, I believe,” adds Douglas Dohrman, “and I, like many others, look forward to seeing new parts of the world once it’s appropriate and safe to do so.”

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Passionate about travel, wine, and cooking, proud father of three Douglas Dohrman lives in College Station, Texas. Happily married for more than three decades, Douglas is a successful author and editor with interests in neuroscience, addiction, and politics. Keen international traveler Dohrman holds a PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Iowa, a BS in Biology from the University of Northern Iowa, and has further completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of California in San Francisco in the Department of Neurology.