Advantages of transfer from airport to hotel


Today, in addition to the traditional service of ordering a taxi, a transfer from airport to hotel has appeared. You can learn about the advantages of ordering such a service from this article.

Service benefits

Transfer – renting a pre-ordered car that will travel along a specific route. The difference between such a service and a regular taxi is not only in what ways you can pay but also in cost. Using the airport transfer service, you will appreciate the high quality of service. In addition, you can save money, because when ordering a transfer, the numbers on the taximeter are not taken into account, since the service has a fixed cost. 

It is very profitable to order a transfer service for a large number of people, in this case, an eight-seater minibus will be the best transport, which can pick up all people from different places and take them to the airport. 

Individual approach

The transfer driver will personally come to the client. For example, if a passenger order to rent a car in Thessaloniki Greece, the driver can expect him directly at the airport with a sign to orient him. This is especially important for a foreigner. In this case, choose a driver who speaks the required language. You can also order a car with predetermined characteristics. For example, the ability to smoke in the cabin or the presence of wi-fi. If necessary, the transfer driver will purchase water for the client.


You can distinguish the transfer driver by appearance – there are dress code standards in the service. This is important when ordering a car for foreign guests or business partners. Also, companies provide cars in a clean and presentable form. The cost of airport transfer services is higher than ordering a simple taxi, but the money spent will pay off with comfort, safety, and high service.