Menorca in 2022: there’s always something up!


Among all the vacation options that Spain offers, the Balearic Islands have become one of the most attractive for tourists from all Europe, and even for tourists from all over the world. Not only is it a collection of some of the best landscapes in the entire Mediterranean Sea, where temperatures in summer have nothing to envy those of the tropical Caribbean islands, but these will always have a different option for each visitor.

Among younger tourists, the best-known options have always been Ibiza and Majorca, worldwide famous for their lively nightlife and large-scale events. However, for tourists looking for other types of experiences, Menorca is the ideal option, as this is a destination where the leisure activities vary and extend throughout the year.

Menorca has dealt quite well with the pandemic

Although in 2020 Menorca was strongly affected in the social and economic spheres by the ravages caused by the pandemic, the truth is that the entire region showed an adjustment in its dynamics to the security measures, which led to a fairly marked rebound for the end of the same year, and an exponential growth of its numbers in terms of the tourism sector.

Not only have the transport and facilities of touristic spaces been adjusted to comply with the security measures, but also the different services of a car hire Menorca have made a greater number of vehicles available to visitors, so that the risks are reduced. not having to rely exclusively on public transport to get around the island.

 There’s always something to do in the island

 Most of the most popular options when visiting Menorca have to do with the natural attractions that bring out the best of the natural beauty of this region. Between the virgin beaches that characterise this region, the warm and crystal clear waters that invite tourists to different activities, and the characteristic architecture of the island, it is sometimes difficult to make a quick decision about things to do.

Enjoying diving around the island, or in its numerous caves, is an activity not to be missed for tourists of almost all ages.

Water activities are not limited to the above, but on the island there are a huge number of options to rent boats, yachts, kayaks, jet skis and many others.

The sunny climate and the green paths that abound around the island are also ideal for hiking, or for long bike rides.

Nightlife is also very lively in the capital of the island, offering unique experiences for visitors who come looking for these types of experiences.