Add Some Colour to Your Life by Visiting the Vibrant Island of Gran Canaria

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If you are planning your holiday destinations for 2023, then you might want to add Gran Canaria to your list. Gran Canaria is the third-largest continent located in the Canary Islands. This island is known for its beautiful weather and scenic landscapes.

Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds

If you love beaches and mountains, you can enjoy the best of both worlds on this beautiful island. Whether you are a water sports enthusiast or a hiking avid, you can indulge in different activities in Gran Canaria.

Popularly known as the miniature continent, this island has beautiful beaches surrounded by high dunes and peaks. Amidst this, the island gives off a lovely contrast with luscious green pine forests standing proudly against dark volcanic earth.

You can travel to Gran Canaria either through direct flights from Europe or by catching ferries from the Iberian Peninsula. Las Palmas, the capital is one of the most vibrant islands in the Canary Islands. In addition to their crystal-clean beaches, you might want to look at their architectural structure as well.

After soaking in some sun, you can take a stroll through the cobbled streets of this island and relish some local feasts. Most of the houses or buildings you would see are brightly coloured, thereby showcasing the fun side of this island. At night, you can listen to some great music, while sipping on a beverages.

Never Get Bored in Gran Canaria

There is never a boring day on this beautiful island. There is plenty of activities for everyone. If you have kids or toddlers, you can take them to Palmitos Park, Aqualand, Cocodrilo Park, or on camel rides on the Maspalomas dunes.

The Maspalomas dunes are a protected reserve under the San Bartolomé de Tirajana municipality. These dunes stretch from Playa de Maspalomas to Playa del Ingles to over 1000 acres of desert.

Other fun-filled activities that might interest you on this island include:

  • Exploring the Artenara Caves
  • Dolphin and whale watching through boat tours
  • Indulging in the local cuisines
  • Visiting the Gran Canaria Museums
  • Exploring the whitewashed mountain villages

If you want to add a bit of adventure to your trip, you will want to check out the Artenara Caves. Artenara is one of the popular villages in Gran Canaria and is known for its cave-home rentals. They even have a dedicated museum for these caves, wherein you get to learn a lot about the history of these magnificent caves.

You can even take a boat ride with your family and watch the dolphins and whales. If lucky, you might even get to see The Gran Canaria Giant lizard which measures up to 31” and can be seen roaming around the islands.

If you love tasting different cuisines, you might not want to miss out on the local cuisines of the islands. Papas Arrugadas, made from potatoes mixed with Mojo Piccan sauce is one of the finest dishes on the island.

If you want to know more about the history of this island, you can do so by visiting the Gran Canaria Museums.

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Some of the most popular ones are:

  • Casa de Colon
  • El Museo Canario
  • Cueva Pintada
  • Nestor Alamo
  • Atlantic Center of Modern Arts

Last but not least, your vacation in Gran Canaria is not complete without visiting the whitewashed stone houses on the island. You can explore the Ingenio de Santa Lucia which is a hamlet dating back to the 16th century.

Santa Lucia and Tunte also house these whitewashed houses wherein you can find many restaurants, chapels, and bakeries.


Gran Canaria can be the perfect destination to be added to your bucket list. There are many resorts and rentals available for you to stay, which are close to many tourist attractions.