Ziplining Through Life


If you are an adventurer, you may have considered trying ziplining. One of the most exhilarating activities, ziplining isn’t for the faint of heart. However, what it really is you won’t understand until you have actually done it. It is normal to feel some anxiety or even out and out fear about the idea of jumping off the end of a platform attached to a cable and flying through the air at 40-65 mph. Rest assured companies that do zipline installation are trained and experienced to create a thrilling but completely safe event for you and your loved ones.

Things You Should Know

Obviously, ziplining is a height related activity. If you hyperventilate when you stand next to a window in a 15-story building, ziplining might not be for you. But if you are ready for the ride of your life, here are some things that may help:

  • Follow the directions your instructor gives, pay attention to your surroundings and wear the safety gear you are given.
  • Do research on the ziplining site that you plan to go to and chose a park that follows safety regulations. Many zipline installation companies provide training, support and safety inspections to assist commercial ziplining parks. Call several to find out what training their staff has, the frequency of inspections and safety history.
  • Be prepared to do a little walking as most ziplining platforms can only be reached by stairs or a short hike.
  • Wear sunscreen, weather appropriate clothing and comfortable, closed-toed walking shoes.
  • Don’t wear jewelry, scarves or other items that might fall off in mid-air! Glasses should be stored safely in a pocket or on a cord around your neck.

Ziplining Location Suggestions

There are many breathtaking ziplining parks throughout the U.S. and all over the world. Some places you might consider are:

  • Sleeping Giant in Cody, Wyoming
  • Kapalua Ziplines in Maui, Hawaii
  • Greek Peak Mountain Resort in Cortland, New York
  • Panama Dunes in Panama City Beach, Florida
  • Sky Safari in Wingfield Estate, St. Kitts
  • And many more!

Whatever ziplining park you choose, you are sure to have a once in a lifetime encounter and feast your eyes on some amazing sights. From mountaintop peaks to rugged canyons, from rushing rivers to lush rainforests, you will encounter views that you won’t see anywhere else. The feeling of flying through the air and the wind in your face, far above everything, will keep you coming back for more ziplining again and againI