Why You Should Visit Tacloban This Year?


You possibly cannot imagine the devastation Tacloban faced when Typhoon Yolanda passed through this town in the Phillipines in 2013. The entire town was washed away, or most of it. People and government have been trying to rebuild it since then. Now, a lot of tourists, both domestic and international have been visiting Tacloban as it has opened its door for tourism again. Hotels in Tacloban are hosting guests and the restaurants are packed to the full. So, why miss the opportunity? Here are some reasons why you should visit Tacloban this year.

Enjoy the grand fiesta and festivals – as the city has come back to life, Tacloban hosts many festivals and grand events throughout the year. Especially in the month of June, you will come across a completely different city of Tacloban. The streets are decorated and people are in a happy mood, celebrating the Niño de Leyte Fiesta. The parks host oopen-airshows, food festivals and pperformancesof various artists. The Sangyaw Festival and the Pintados-Kasadyaan Festival of Festivals are some of the most attractive grand events which are hosted here.

Explore the history of Tacloban – Tacloban has been of significant historic importance since the Second World War. Here, the Battle of Leyte Gulf was fought between the Allied and Axis Powers. The MacArthur Landing Memorial Park has been built in memory of the fallen soldiers who gave their lives during the war. It is considered to be the largest naval battle during the World War II. So you can explore the city for such amazing stories and witness the different memorials that are established in and around it.

Sto. Nino Shrine and Heritage Museum – it is one of the most prominent attraction of the city. This mansion is situated around the Real Street. It was the presidential mansion of president Ferdinand Marcos. However, the typhoon caused severe damage to the overall structure of the building, only to be fixed with time. Inside the mansion you will find different artifacts and souvenirs that hold historic significance. Relax in the verdant gardens that are present here and click aesthetic images and upload them!

Visit the beautiful Eastern Visayas – when you are in Tacloban, you get the access to visit a lot of beautiful beaches situated around the Eastern Visayas. Most of them are famous for the white sand beaches and their tropical climate. To make your vacation more memorable and fun, you can head out to one of the beaches and enjoy a fun time participating in water sports or by simply relaxing by the beachside. Don’t forget to try out the delicious local seafood cuisine here. There are many pubs and cafes around the area which offer a fantastic nightlife to the tourists as well.

These are some amazing reasons why you should visit Tacloban this year! It is surely a wonderful getaway in many ways and you should really consider it to be your next travel destination.