What To Look For In Travel Umbrellas


Travel umbrellas are essential when visiting the Pacific Northwest, the California Central Coast in the Winter or Fall, or one of Europe’s rainier cities. In fact, anywhere you go that you expect it could start raining is a great place to bring along a compact travel umbrella.

A simple tool the umbrella, it pops open when you press a button, and folds quickly when you step out of the rain. Like most simple tools, however, not all travel umbrellas are created equal. Here is a comparison of some key features of today’s best compact travelling umbrellas, like the Repel Umbrella.


Everyone who has held an umbrella in a strong wind knows how quickly their umbrella can fold backwards and render itself useless. Finding an umbrella that is windproof should be the first requirement on your list.

Of course you also want it to be made out of quality materials that dry fast, but windproof is essential. What makes an umbrella windproof?

Additional ribs in the canopy. Fewer ribs in the umbrella canopy can make it easier for the wind to toy with it. In addition, a good windproof product will have fortified canopy ribs and canopy with vents to allow flexing with the wind gusts.

Water Repellent

It would seem like an obvious necessity for a rain cover, right? But again, not all materials are equal when it comes to repelling H2O. Look for those made from proven water-wicking materials with quick-drying properties.

Lightweight & Compact

While all travel umbrellas are relatively light, a couple extra unnecessary ounces can become a burden after an extended period walking around fighting the wind and rain. It also becomes a nuisance when it adds this extra weight to your baggage.

When looking for a compact umbrella, be sure the handle is long enough to be comfortable, but not so long that it adds unnecessary size or weight. The best travel umbrellas weight 1 lb. or less and measure 12″ or less. It should fit into a purse or backpack as easily as it does your luggage.

Quality & Convenience

You don’t want to be struggling to open or close your travel umbrella in the middle of a rainstorm. Find a design that has a one touch opening mechanism. Preferable one that opens and closes with the press of a button.

Buy a well-made product that will hold up to heavy use during your travels. Check the shaft for durability and quality of materials. Look at the ribs in the canopy, are they sturdy? Or made from flimsy aluminum?

How about the handle? Does it feel solid? Easy to hold onto? Does this umbrella have a well-made wrist strap? It should make it easy to hold onto and carry.

These are all factors to consider when you need a reliable travel umbrella that won’t fail on you when you need it the most.

The good news is that a well-made, quality umbrella can be found at a very reasonable price. When you think about it like that, why would you ever buy a cheap umbrella again?