What to do During a Day Trip to Ottawa


Ottawa is the capital of Canada, meaning that there’s plenty of attractions and events for you to see. In fact, you may be so enthralled with what you see in Ottawa, you might even want to look for Ottawa homes for sale. If you love politics, history, and gorgeous historical architecture, then Ottawa is certainly the city for you. However, with so many amazing sights and attractions to experience, you may have trouble narrowing your itinerary down. So if you’re planning on taking a short trip to Ottawa, what attractions should you look to? Here’s what to do during a day trip to Ottawa.

Parliament Hill

If you’re going to be visiting Ottawa, then you absolutely have to check out Parliament Hill. Parliament Hill is the seat of the Canadian government, as it is here where most of Canada’s national politics occur. Just from its political importance alone, Parliament Hill becomes a great place for guests to visit. Parliament Hill is also very tourist friendly, holding a wide variety of tours and ceremonies for guests to enjoy. As a result, Parliament Hill is a very well rounded tourist destination, providing guests with both entertainment and educational value. If you find yourself in Canada’s capital, then you definitely need to check out Parliament Hill.

Canadian Museum of History

One of the best things about Ottawa is the city is home to a wide variety of museums. Among some of the best museums in the area is the Canadian Museum of History, a cultural center dedicated to the history of Canada. The museum covers many aspects of history, ranging from exhibits on Canada’s indigenous people to the colonization of Canada. The museum is also suitable for all ages, as the Canadian Children’s Museum is also located in the museum. If you’re looking for an attraction that can provide fun and educational value for the whole family, the Canadian Museum of History can be a great choice.

Rideau Canal

Another amazing attraction that Ottawa has to offer is the Rideau Canal. Originally built to ensure easy transportation and communication between Canada’s major cities, the canal is now used primarily for recreation. During the summer months, you’ll commonly find boats and other aquatic vehicles out on the water. However, during the winter months, the canal completely freezes over, creating a massive ice skating rink. In fact, the Rideau Canal is the largest outdoor ice skating rink in the world, providing the perfect opportunity for some winter fun. If you want some outdoor recreation while you’re in Ottawa, then visiting the Rideau Canal can be an amazing option.

Byward Market

With so many historical buildings in Ottawa, it can be easy to lose track of the little things. One area in Ottawa that you might not expect to be so great is the Byward Market. While it may seem strange to consider a marketplace to be a key attraction of the Canadian capital, the Byward Market has a lot going for it. First, the market has a ton of history behind it, being one of the oldest and largest markets in the entirety of Canada. Additionally, hundreds of different vendors flock to the location, selling all sorts of wares that you can purchase. Finally, there are plenty of shops and restaurants surrounding the area, meaning you can do some more shopping or grab a bite to eat while you’re around. In fact, you can make an entire day out of shopping at the market and visiting the surrounding shops, making this an amazing attraction.