What Makes the Stonehenge Ticket So Essential?


From 9:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. every day, excluding Christmas Day, Stonehenge is available to the public. Are tickets for seeing Stonehenge required?

You’ll need to buy a ticket if you want to go close Stonehenge. As long as you’re OK with seeing it from a distance down the road, then no. You have to buy a ticket if you want to get within a few hundred yards of the police station. In addition to getting you inside the visitor centre, where you may learn everything you need to know about Stonehenge’s history, the ticket gives you access to the Stones (within 10 yards).

A ticket to Stonehenge includes entrance to what?

The “Stonehenge Collection,” an indoor exhibit honouring the ancient structure, is the first thing you’ll see upon entering the tourist centre.

After that, you’ll be able to take use of the free shuttle service, which will take you the mile to the Stones. Doing this is a common choice for many people.

Depending on where you are standing outside the circle, you may be able to go as close as 10 yards away from the Stones.

Alternatively, you may download the Stonehenge Audio Guide from the Apple App Store or Google Play to help you navigate the site.

How do I know whether I need to book my tickets in advance?

As a result of overcrowding at the facility, people who do not have a ticket may not be able to enter the facility on some days. Consequently, if you want to get up up and personal with the Stones, we strongly recommend that you get your tickets in advance.

Is there a time limit on how long I may stay at Stonehenge?

There is a 30-minute arrival time included with your Stonehenge ticket purchase. Once you’ve arrived, you have unlimited access to the facilities. Two hours before to the monument’s scheduled closing time, visitors are permitted one last entry into Stonehenge (usually 5pm).

Do the Rolling Stones provide free tours?

If you want to see the Stones, you will have to pay a charge. Even if you pay the admission fee, you will only be around 10 yards away from the Stones unless you participate in a special early or late-night access expedition.

Is there a way to go from London to Stonehenge?

Many tour firms provide trips from London to Stonehenge that include entrance to the monument. However, specialised tour firms may tailor-make itineraries and guides for you, but these are significantly more expensive. You can even do it all on your own and save money.

Students and senior citizens may be eligible for discounts.

Discounts are available to students with a valid student ID card and to those over the age of 65. Discounts vary from five percent to ten percent, depending on the source.

To visit Stonehenge, does English Heritage need me to pay a ticket?

No, you can buy a ticket online from a slew of different websites. English Heritage is the most well-known, but you should do some web research to get the best bargain, since there are sometimes discounts available.

Do Stonehenge tickets include the cost of a parking spot for a car?

There is a separate fee for parking your car at Stonehenge, which must be paid on the day of your visit. Because so many visitors arrive by bus as part of organised tours, there are little parking issues to deal with.