What Cruise Lines Offer European River Cruises?


Going on a cruise has historically been one of the most popular ways to traverse various bodies of water and explore the world. Although there are hundreds of cruise options available today, varying according to the geographic regions, continents, and oceans, European river cruises remain some of the best cruise options on the planet. These cruises offer visitors a chance to travel along one of the many European rivers, including the Seine, Rhine, Danube, Main, Rhone, Moselle, Douro, and more.

When it comes to exploring your choices for a cruise in Europe, Authentic Voyages is an excellent option, offering multiple luxurious cruise lines with cruise ships that rival the best five-star hotels in the world. Each cruise line offers multiple itineraries so that you can get an intimate view of the continent and various tourist destinations in the best possible way. The information below takes a closer look at some of the popular cruise lines that offer cruise trips in Europe.

Viking River Cruises

With over two decades of excellent European river cruise services under its belt, this cruise line is one of the best ways to explore Europe’s most famous rivers. Each room on a Viking River cruise ship comes complete with all the amenities you would expect from a large five-star hotel room. With restaurants, bars, gyms, sundecks, libraries, and more, you can expect to feel right at home away from home.

Scenic River Cruises

Staying true to its name, the Scenic line of luxury cruise vessels provides cruise-goers an opportunity to see some of the most beautiful and scenic landscapes in Europe. Each cruise offers guests a chance to get an in-depth experience of each location through optional guided tours. You can get access to the best of each location along the European rivers, including the best restaurants, cafés, museums, art galleries, historic architectural pieces, and more. All this comes with a wide range of luxurious amenities to make your travel more comfortable aboard one of the many scenic river cruise vessels.

Uniworld River Cruises

Uniworld Boutique River Cruises have nearly fifty years of experience in providing excellent cruise services to guests from around the world. The SS Bon Voyage is one of the most popular cruise ships offered by Uniworld and is tailored to deliver an authentic French experience while sailing through various French tourist destinations. Each cruise vessel is truly ‘boutique,’ with classical design elements and beautiful Victorian undertones. These incredibly chic cruise vessels feature all the luxuries you would expect from a boutique cruise vessel, including lavish rooms, 24/7 restaurants and bars, exquisite guest lounges, French balconies, gyms, spas, and other gratuities besides in-depth guided tours of each destination.


If you are looking for a European cruise line that offers luxurious amenities, fun activities, unique onboard facilities, and multiple options to make your vacation better, look no further. Viking, Scenic, and Uniworld River Cruises are some of the most exciting cruise lines that are sure to make your 2022 cruise vacation memorable.