What Are The Best Places To Visit In Paris?


If you are on holiday and planning for the best destination to travel with your family means then sure Paris is the right choice for you. Really you can able to enjoy a lot in Paris and a lot to admire too. The cityscape of Paris sparkles with the iconic architecture of vintage palaces, historical monuments, cathedrals, art museums, stylish shopping hubs and expansive landscaped gardens. Here in this article, you can check out the list of best places to visit in Paris.

Best Places To Visit In Paris:

  • Eiffel tower

While talking about traveling to Paris, the first thing that comes in the mind is Eiffel tower. In simple words, it can be considered as the highlight of this city. This is really a worth visiting place. Sure you can feel the different experiences from here. It is also the most beautiful place in the world. You must be very sure that, you are having enough time to visit this place. You should never miss the attractive Paris view from the transparent first and second floor.

  • The Louvre

This place is also most famous in Paris which is mainly considered as the most crowded tourist place. This is one of the best exotic and lavish museums which are divided into many sections. Those sections are oriental antiquities, Egyptian antiquities, Roman and Greek art, Islamic art, and objects of art, paintings, graphic art, medieval period sculptures, and much more interesting places. Those who have an interest in museums and antique places can surely visit here.

  • Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral

In general, Notre Dame is considered as a beautiful and famous Roman Catholic cathedral which is a must visit place in Paris. The gargoyles, Gothic-style architecture and the amazing sculptures will attract all kinds of visitors.

  • Arc De Triomphe

The major highlight of this place is amazing sculptures, engraved victory tales, and pillar carvings. The glorious architecture is the beauty of this place. You will be mesmerized when you visit here with your family. It is mainly since the beautiful architecture can able to attract all kinds of tourists.


From the above-mentioned scenario, you can clearly understand about best places to visit in Paris. So, why are you still waiting? Now the choice is yours. You can choose the most suitable place for you and go on a vacation there with your friends and family.

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