Which Bengali Sweets to Try in Kolkata


No other city has an opulent sweet culture quite like that of the City of Joy. Finding a Bengali who is not obsessed with mishti is a tough nut to crack. In fact, the Bengal government had ordered sweet shops to remain open even during the COVID-19 pandemic! So, now you know how seriously Bengalis take their sweet cravings!

There are plenty of Delhi to Kolkata flights operating each day. If you are taking one, make sure you do not come back without tasting the classic sweets from the legendary makers. Confused about which ones could satiate your sweet tooth just right? Take a look. 

  • Kheer Kodom

One bite into this exotic sweet and you know what heaven must taste like. It is named after Kadam, which is a ball-shaped flower with tiny petals all around. These little rasgullas are covered with grated khoya, powdered sugar and milk cream. This is also lovingly called rosh kodom by the locals and is often savored during various ceremonies.

  • Lengcha 

This is actually called Shaktigarh-er-lengcha and has its origin in the Burdwan district of Bengal. It is an elongated, deep fried sweet, made from chhana, flour and khoya. It is dipped in sugar syrup for the ultimate delectable taste. Bits and pieces of cardamom render a punch of unique taste. If you have tasted pantua, this is similar to it. Once your flight between Delhi to Kolkata lands, you can head over to Balaram Mullick & Radharam Mullick to try their lengcha

  • Darbesh  

This is the Bengali version of the North Indian’s boondi laddoo, relished by Delhiites. Yet, somehow the taste and texture is unique to Bengal. Generous amounts of colourful boondo are rolled into dry fruits and khoya to prepare this sweet. Later, it is layered with powdered sugar for an outstanding gastronomical experience. Leave some space in your tummy after your Delhi to Kolkata flights to relish the authentic Darbesh in the city. 

  • Aamriti 

The birth of this sinful dessert dates back to the Mughal era and Delhiites lovingly call it Imarti. This is literally the food of the Gods and will not disappoint a sweet lover. It is designed in spirals and decorated with circles around the edges. These circles of joy are then soaked in sugar syrup and sprinkled with pistachios before serving. The flower shape and the bright orange color make Amriti popular among children as well. 

  • Chom Chom 

Although this is a traditional Bengali sweet, it is popular across the entire Indian subcontinent. Flour, rose water, saffron, coconut, cream and sugar are mixed to perfection to produce this signature Kolkata sweet. These are smooth textured and come in several colors, like light brown and yellow, but mainly white. Chom choms are usually garnished with coconut flakes or mawa before serving.

Some of the other quintessential sweets are the timeless roshogolla, lobongo lotika, shor bhaja, mihi dana and shondesh. These are the best souvenirs you can carry back home from Kolkata. Take your pick from icon shops of Sen Mahashay, Bhim Chandra Nag, Bancharam or Kamdhenu before boarding your flights from Kolkata to Delhi.