Top Vacation Destinations in the Caribbean 


The Caribbean islands are a dream destination for any international tourist. The islands offer a lot of variety along with luxury Caribbean rentals. This guide gives you a brief idea of what is best about those most visited.


Dry and without significant features, Aruba’s major attraction is a ribbon of beaches bordered with world-class resorts adjoined by malls housing restaurants and bars.

Best for: Holidays that need the least thinking

Highlight: Natural pool

The Bahamas

They offer plenty of the choices offered by the Caribbean in a nutshell. They have spacious sanctuaries and glossy mega-resorts.

Best for: Explorers who love island-hopping, partiers, divers, Americans seeking a quick escape

Highlight: Harbour Island

Cayman Islands

Grand Cayman should remind you of South Florida. But it is more orderly and has less traffic. It has resorts of all kinds, tax shelters and is famous for snorkeling, swimming and diving with schools of stingrays.

Best for: Trouble-free holidays in apparently the 51st state and watersports.

Highlight: USS Kittiwake

Dominican Republic

A large state with predominantly Hispanic culture, the Dominican Republic has world-class resorts lining serene beaches and untamed inland areas with scraggy peaks.

Best for: Adventurers, resort-seekers.

Highlight: Santo Domingo’s Zona Colonial


Known throughout the world for the legend Bob Marley, Jamaica offers resorts ranging from classy to frugal and a distinct urban culture.

Best for: Riveting music, spicy food, resort holidays, natural and urban adventures

Highlight: Blue Mountain Peak

Puerto Rico

A sprawling atavism that is vibrantly throbbing, Puerto Rico has old San Juan as one of its highlights. It boasts a rich Hispanic culture and has big beach resorts and casinos.

Best for: Explorations over and above sun, sea and sand

Highlight: El Yunque National Forest

St-Martin/Sint Maarten

This small and lively island is a melting pot of two different cultures, Dutch and French. The French people offer holidays with restraint while the Dutch are for all-out enjoyment

Best for: Moderately priced hotel holidays, daytime trips to explore the core of Creole culture and the most exciting airport bar

Highlights: IletPinel