The Smartest Choices for the Sea Shipping Options


    Sea transportation allows you to send simultaneously large quantities and reduce the cost of transporting general and overseas shipping cargo. They are an important component of most multimodal deliveries. The advantages of sea transportation are that they are much cheaper than other transportation methods. This is an excellent solution for companies that require regular delivery of goods to regions where transportation of objects by road or rail is difficult or impossible for some reason.

    Types of sea freight

    Depending on the transported goods, the method of packaging and delivery on board, the following types of shipping are distinguished. You can go for the Overseas shipping with Schumacher now.


    This type involves the use of standard modular containers. The advantages of such sea transportation are that it ensures the safety of the cargo – it is sealed and opens in the presence of the client.

    Container shipping

    Container-type shipping is one of the most popular ways of delivering goods by water. They are optimally suited for transporting oversized structures over long distances. This type of delivery ensures maximum safety of goods, and also does not create difficulties for the carrier.

    Such transportation involves the use of standard modular containers, which are sealed after loading and open upon arrival at the destination only in the presence of the client. This approach ensures the absolute safety of the transported products.

    Delivery of goods using special containers reduces transport costs and is suitable for a wide variety of products, including heavy, bulky and custom designs. It is important to note that container transportation practically does not impose restrictions on the weight and parameters of commodity items.

    The Transportation of wheeled vehicles: cars, combines, tractors and more. With this type of transportation, special cranes are not required for loading objects on board the vessel. Other types of delivery do not allow transportation of rolling cargo.

    Sea transportation on a barge

    This type of barge is used for the delivery of wheeled vehicles: vehicles, agricultural machinery, construction equipment, etc. An important feature of these cargo transportation is that the delivered products are rolled onto the ship themselves. For this, special inclined entrances are used, as well as platforms for non-wheeled vehicles.

    The advantage of this method of sea ​​freight is the lack of the need to use a crane. All work on loading and unloading the vessel is performed by the ferry company. Inside the barge, the transported equipment is attached using special cable ropes.

    The barges can have a height of several floors, so that even very large and heavy structures can be delivered with their help. All movements of cars and trailers inside the vessel are provided by special walkways that are easily raised and lowered under the control of the ferry company.

    They mean the delivery of large quantities of bulk solids: fertilizers, cement, coal and other similar materials. The convenience of such transportation lies in the fact that its implementation does not require the use of special containers, fasteners and cargo storage.