The Ideal Time to Visit Jakarta: Weather, Safety, & Season


Temperature and Precipitation

The average temperatures at Jakarta barely change whatsoever. Considering humidity, the temperatures feel sensuous, using a likelihood of rainfall roughly half of the year. The area is hotter than a few — in the 16th percentile for pleasant weather — compared with other tourist destinations. The most popular months are September, October, and May, if you’re looking for the time to visit Jakarta. See the monthly temperatures below. The tourist period of a year is generally mid-October at which highs are regularly approximately 93.3°F (34.1°C) with temperatures rarely falling below 78.6°F (25.9°C) at nighttime.

If dry weather is what you prefer, the months with the lowest chance of substantial precipitation from Jakarta are August, September, and July. Note that we specify “significant precipitation” just as 1 inch or longer within this section. The lowest possibility of rain happens around early August. On the week of July 30th, by way of example, there are no times of precipitation typically. By comparison, it is likely to rain in January and early February with a mean of 4 days of substantial rainfall per week on January 29th.

What About Humidity and Wind in Jakarta?

Jakarta has higher humidity during the year, also some humid months. The wet month will be September (61.6% relative humidity), and the most humid month will be February (76%).

Breeze in Jakarta is calm. The windiest month is January, followed by December and March. January’s normal wind speed of around 3.8 knots (4.3 MPH approximately 7 KPH) is considered “light air.” Maximum sustained winds (the highest rate for the day lasting over a few moments) are at their greatest in early to mid-January. Typical high sustained speeds reach 9.3 knots, which is considered a tender breeze.

The Busiest Months

The most recent month for tourism in Jakarta, Indonesia, is in January, followed by September and August. Prices for hotels and flights will probably be expensive during these months. However, you can save some money if you buy tickets and book hotels beforehand. Tourists will probably not go to Jakarta in April, which have the least expensive hotels and flights prices anybody will find.

Fall (March-May)

Temperatures and humidity combine to produce a season that feels warm. Highs vary from 91.7°F (33.2°C) and 88.1°F (31.2°C) with similar temperatures in the next few months. Rain is quite typical with 4 to 9 times of precipitation per month. Fall is the prettiest for tourism, making it a fantastic time for people searching for vacation deals.

Winter (June – August)

The months that are middle-year have comfortable weather. These months visit the precipitation using two to four times of rainfall each month. June – August is a period for tourism in Jakarta, so other and lodging accommodations could cost slightly less.

Spring (September – November)

Spring daily temperature ranges from 93.3°F (34.1°C) and 90.4°F (32.4°C), which will feel very nice given the humidity and wind. It rains a reasonable amount: 2 to 6 times per month. Tourism is the 2nd most busy during those months due to the weather. Therefore, resorts may be higher priced.

Summer (December – February)

Weather is perfect this season in Jakarta to be more enjoyable for hot weather traveller’s. The typical high in this year is 89.7°F (32.1°C) and 86.2°F (30.1°C). On average, it snows or rains an excellent sum: 9 to 13 times per month. These times of year are the happiest for tourists.

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