Step-by-step guide to plan a vacation to Vietnam


Are you thinking of traveling to Vietnam? Are you finding it difficult to make all the arrangements? No worries! This useful guide will plan a trip to Vietnam.

  • Brainstorming– Whether you’re visiting Vietnam or any other destination, it’s important to do some brainstorming. Ask yourself- how much do you want to spend in Vietnam, what is the budget you’re willing to spend, with whom you’re traveling-family, partner, friends, or all alone, and what kind of experiences are you seeking for? All these important things need to be considered before planning your trip to Vietnam.
  • Choose your destination– This is probably one of the challenging decisions to make. This is the reason why brainstorming is important. Depending on the number of vacation days, budget, and experiences, you can decide on the destination. Finding answers to the above-mentioned questions will help you narrow down the list. For example, if you love thrilling experiences, you can try out trekking in Fansipan, which is the tallest peak of Vietnam and Indochina. Other adventurous activities include- diving, zip-lining, rock climbing, sea kayaking, canyoning, etc. You can get in touch with LocalVietnam, which is one of the best local agencies to work with.
  • Check your passport– You need to have a passport that does not expire within the coming six months. Your flight may decline your entry if your passport is going to expire in the coming six months. Renew your passport before flying to Vietnam.
  • Apply for VISA– Check the Vietnamese VISA regulation because it keeps changing a lot. Before you depart, check if you need a VISA. LocalVietnam offers VISA on arrival services. Local agencies are the best as they have connections with the Vietnamese customs department. They can handle the matter.
  • Book your flights– If you’re traveling from abroad, you might land either in Da Nang, Hanoi, or Ho Chi Ming. There are multiple flights available to and from Vietnam. In the case of domestic flights, you have many options like- Jetstar, Vietnam Airlines, Bamboo airlines, and Vietjet.
  • Carry your travel insurance– Vietnam is not a very safe place and you might face accidents or robbery while traveling. So it’s important to carry your insurance.

Besides this, you should book your accommodations, ferry, train, or bus in advance, and always get a brief idea of the places you’re going. You can read articles, blogs, or magazines to accumulate knowledge on the destinations you wish to explore.