Rinasclta Bike and Buying a Bike Online


Rinasclta Bike is a manufacturer of carbon fiber OEM bike frames and is now focused on making professional level frames for carbon bike such as:

  • Road bikes
  • Mountain bikes
  • Fat bikes
  • Other carbon bike parts

Opened in 2011

This company’s factory was first opened in 2011, and Rinasclta concentrating on manufacturing the best in carbon fiber bike frames, wheels/rims, forks, and other components of bikes. Since 2018 Rinasclta Bike has been shareholders of two factories – one a carbon rim factory in Xiamen, the other carbon bike frame factory in Shenzhen. Their business 2 business overseas team is located in Warsaw, Poland. 

Considered the best

Since 2018, Rinasclta mountain bike frame has been considered the best mountain bike frames made and they have built relationships with many high-end clients in Europe including:

  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • France
  • Poland
  • And other European countries

Buying online

Buying a bike online has become more popular, with much fewer bikes being bought in-stores. But this makes picking a correct bike size important as you are not able to try bikes for size as you can in a store. The Rinasclta Bike website has an excellent blog with information that can help you choose your bike size breaking down all you need to know about bike size from a chart to help you choose the perfect sized bike.

Correct size is vital

Finding the correct size is vital to both the comfort and enjoyment of a new bike. Having a bike that is too large or too small places extra stress on the body in places such as the back and knees, increasing the likelihood of injury. 

Different bikes

It is also important to know that different types of bikes also have sizing that is different – such as a mountain bike not having the same size as a bike for the road and a BMX not having the same size as a mountain bike. So, if you are buying on-line it becomes essential to study and look up the particular sizing of the bike you are thinking about buying. You can read reviews, use sizing charts, and ask questions at online forums or live-chats. The more information the better.