Plan your 7 days in Albania and be amazed


Albania is a small country, so in a week’s travel you can get a reasonable idea of ​​the best that Albania has to offer the traveler. Naturally, you can’t see everything in seven days. Thus, it will be better that you hire the best Albania tourism at affordable prices and visit the most beautiful places.

Day 1: Tirana

Tirana offers you a practical taste of small European capital. It is a vibrant city, with a lot of people on the street and a social life around cafes – something very Mediterranean. Everything takes place around Skanderbeg Square, an ideal area for walking tours without an itinerary or schedule. It is possible to visit some of the concrete bunkers which were built in Albania for government officials to gather in the event of a nuclear attack.

Day 2 and 3: Beret

It doesn’t have as many visible reasons for interest as Gjirokaster, but it is a city that exudes a good wave. As for attractions, the Castle of Beret is a must-visit; there are still people living inside the castle. And then there are the labyrinthine neighborhoods Mangalem and Garcia, and also the popular boulevard “Republika”, a place of pilgrimage in the late afternoon for a coffee on a terrace.

Day 4 and 5: Gjirokaster

Gjirokaster is particularly interesting if you are interested in visiting beautiful old houses of Ottoman architecture, such as Zekate or Kadare. There is also the Ethnographic Museum, several mosques and an activity that you will love: simply wandering the streets of the historic center and the Gjirokaster bazaar.

Day 6: Saranda and Butrint

Saranda is a good base for exploring the Albanian coast, and visiting the ruins of Butrint should be part of any Albania travel itinerary. In a small piece of land, it is possible to find archaeological remains from different historical periods, spread over more than 2,500 years of Mediterranean history. The national park is classified by UNESCO as World Heritage.

Day 7: Return to Tirana

If you leave Saranda early, you will arrive in the Albanian capital in the early afternoon. In a trip of just seven days in Albania, much remains to be known. If you can extend your stay, then take the opportunity to visit the Shkoder Mountains and the Roman amphitheater of Durres, and also cross Lake Koman. If you are traveling in spring or summer, also consider stopping at the small villages along the coast between Saranda and Albania Vlore.