Reasons to Visit Egypt Now


1. Protests and Politics

Even though you might have heard in the news about the civil unrest in Egypt, it is just a domestic political issue. The country is still a safe place for travellers. Despite the fact that demonstrations happen from time to time, they are not related to Westerners in any way and there is no resentment towards tourists. The media often pays more attention to the bad “newsworthy” occurrences. Some distance from all the chaos, you will come across  peaceful Egypt hotels on harmonious streets where people are going on with their lives uninterrupted, where you will find women going on with their shopping and old men playing backgammon.

2. Crowd-Free Iconic Attractions

The most significant sites to visit in Egypt are often free of crowds. For example, each day, only a limited number of tourists are allowed into the tomb deep inside Cheops pyramid. What’s more, the tickets usually sell out early in the morning. Right now, it is quite easy to get the tickets and you will also be able to take as many photos as you want as there won’t be hordes of tourists interrupting your photo sessions.

3. A Warm Welcome

The people of Egypt are usually very welcoming to tourists, and they will be very glad to have you as a visitor. Normally, you will find that these people are somehow related to or are personnel in the tourism industry. However, many a time you will find a common civilian genuinely and heartily welcoming you to Egypt. Many Egyptian people are proud of their country and will always want to showcase to the world what’s great about them and their country.

4. Value for Money

You will always find great bargains in the bazaars, particularly during this period when business is relatively slow. All the major Egyptian destination towns have bazaars including Aswan and Luxor, but the most prominent one is Khan el Khalili in Islamic Cairo. It is a large maze of stalls where you can find all types of souvenirs and the stall owners are always prepared to haggle.

5. A Dream Destination

Egypt is still one of Earth’s most breathtaking and fascinating destinations. Even back when a majority of European communities were still using animal skins as wear and just starting to try their hand at agriculture, ancient Egypt had already marked the epitome of human civilization. For almost three millennia, this society managed to maintain a stable and sophisticated culture. This is definitely an amazing feat by modern standards.

Top 10 tips for visiting Egypt now:

1. Make sure you visit the Pyramids; you will be more than impressed.

2. Purchase the extra ticket to enter Cheops tomb in the Great Pyramid; at the moment, there are no heavy crowds.

3. Keep in mind that doing the “Walk like an Egyptian” photo near the Sphinx is so 1995, so, you should try to avoid that.

4. It is smart to always have one Egyptian pound at hand. This is because they are necessary if you want to use the public loos – it can save you a lot of trouble.

5. If you are visiting the Valley of the Kings, you should carry a hat and sun cream.

6. If you get the opportunity to visit Abu Simbel, do it.

7. Get across the Nile and make your way to the Nubian villages on the islands facing Aswan and experience the lifestyle of the Nubians who are calm, relaxed and very welcoming.

8. Make a stop at Aswan’s Promenade cafe and get yourself a genuine Bedouin coffee – you will love it.

9. Ensure that you have full insurance before crossing the street in Cairo traffic.

10. If you have the option between a local Stella and a Saqqara beer, go with Stella – thank us later.