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Plan a Beautiful Trip to Bangkok with the Help of the Tour Guides 


BANGKOK TOURISM GUIDE - 2021 Trip Planner and Travel Tips

Bangkok is a beautiful place to explore. You can plan your trip to Bangkok and enjoy the many good things that it offers to the tourist. There are many skyscrapers also which you can explore. Baiyoke sky hotel is also a striking hotel which you can check out, but it is recommended that you don’t try the free drinks, as it will not be so appealing to your taste buds. Bangkok private tours can help you to reach your destination. You can traverse through this city and visit the Emerald Buddha Temple. Bangkok’s cultural and historical heritage is also something worth noting.

The famous TukTuk

The tuk-tuk is an auto that is very famous in Bangalore and it is one of the most iconic symbols. So, take Bangkok tuk-tuk at night and explore the entire city. You will find that at night there is less traffic and the temperature is also cooler. You can take the help of Explorenique which operates the tuk-tuk. If you want a guide who speaks English, then you can also get that. The tour will also include a visit to Wat Pho temple as it has a famous reclining Buddha, where you get a very pleasant feeling.

Take Tour Guide in Bangkok 

And if you want a very tranquil experience then you can take a walk on Khao San road. Plus, if you want to reveal the concealed Bangkok city then you should take a 3-hour bicycle tour, which will help you to reach the largest Chinatown across the Thailand main river, Chao Phraya. Tour guide in Bangkok will help you to have a full day trip to the city. Also, the floating markets are a paradise for travelers. You can travel like a local and visit Damnoen, which is one of the most famous floating markets. You can also visit by train.

About Bangkok Tours 

Apart from all of these, there are many interesting things like you can go shopping for tropical fruit in one of the most colorful and exciting boats. It will also give you a chance to observe Thai culture. Bangkok tours can also help you visit Ayutthaya, which has a famous temple declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. If you love to watch monkeys then you can visit the Lopburi Monkey Temple. The Bangkok tours will also take you to the northern part of the city by train where you can visit Chiang Mai, a city which is located between the mountains.

Thai House 

Plus, also it is recommended that you shouldn’t forget to visit the magnificent tropical forest and spectacular waterfalls. You can also get a peaceful sleep in the Thai House. Just check out for the same. And also don’t miss the chance to explore the Golden Triangle and the White Temple along with which you will also get delicious Thai Food. Some ancient ethnic groups have been preserving their traditions for centuries. Plus, there are several beautiful islands which you can visit and enjoy the scenic beauty of the beach.