Outdoor Activities to Enjoy in the Blue Mountains


An escape, regardless of whether arranged ahead of time or unplanned, is top of mind for us all nowadays. Planning a retreat around exercises and encounters that reestablish the whole self is simple in Walla Walla , Washington. It is a place that is ideal for health and furthermore, for certain kinds of outdoor activities you can enjoy during your leisure time.

There are lots of activities that you can try here in Walla Walla. It is indeed a place that can definitely give a day of open-air fun and energy. I have listed some of my personal favorite outdoor activities that you can and should try when you set foot in the Blue Mountains.

  1.       Hiking

The Blue Mountains, located right at Walla Walla’s doorstep give various opportunities for exploration. There are dozens of trails where you can enjoy the sun and experience the true southeastern Washington. Whether you need an easy trip for small children or a more difficult calorie burning hike this region has something to offer.

As you venture outdoors be sure to check the temperature and pack everything that you’ll need to stay energized and safe on your hike.

  1.       Camping

Setting up camp can be a great bonding experience for both friends and family, but not everyone loves the idea of packing into the woods to sleep in a tent for the weekend. If you’re looking for a way to get out in nature and spend quality time with your loved ones then the Blue Mountain region has exactly what you need. From KOA campgrounds with cabins and amenities to tent camping and dispersed camping sites you’ll come back refreshed and grateful for the time away.

  1.       Fishing

Fishing is an incredible way to enjoy the Walla Walla area. There’s truly something peaceful and serene about sitting on the bank or heading out in a boat for a few great hours on the rivers or lakes. Of course it always helps if you catch something. With a variety of species available and year-round fishing opportunities available, add this activity to your must-do list for a trip to Walla Walla.

Paying a visit to Walla Walla will most likely not be a one-time event. There are just too many great things to do and see here. We’ve hit on a few of our favorites, but there’s plenty more you’ll find to see and enjoy. Make plans for your first trip and then plans to come back again and again.