How to Plan Your Dream Vacation in China for First-Timers


Visiting China can be an exciting and unique experience – but only if it’s planned correctly! In this comprehensive guide for first-time visitors, you’ll discover all the tips and tricks you need to plan your trip to China. From finding the perfect destination to securing accommodations, understanding the culture, and making sure you stay safe during your travels, this guide has got you covered.

Research Your Destinations

Before you start planning your itinerary, it’s important to figure out where you want to go. You’ll need to research various destinations in China and decide which ones best fit your travel needs and preferences. Consider factors like time availability, cost, climate, language proficiency, and attractions that are available in each destination before narrowing it down to your top choices.

It can be overwhelming to navigate the vastness of China’s cityscape. For starters, you should determine what regions or provinces you want to visit and get a better understanding of their geography. Take some time to explore each area’s culture, local customs, transportation options as well as the attractions they offer. A helpful resource for researching destinations is TripAdvisor where travelers can read detailed reviews and ratings on popular destinations in China. Going through these user-generated reviews can give you insights on the best places to stay and attractions that are must-sees during your visit. After narrowing down potential destinations, create an itinerary (leaving enough room for spontaneity) that allows you to make the most out of your trip without feeling rushed or stressed.

Understand Essential Travel Documents

Before you board a plane, make sure that you have all the documents and papers you need to travel. Many travelers forget to check the requirements of their destination, so it’s important to know what kind of visas are required for travel and if additional paperwork is needed. You’ll also want to ensure that your passport is valid and up-to-date before traveling. Lastly, make copies of important documents like passports, visas, itineraries, medical cards, tickets, and proof of insurance in case they get lost or stolen while you’re on vacation.

Install VPN on Your Phone and Computers

Installing a virtual private network (VPN) is highly recommended for travelers in China to access sites like Google, YouTube and Facebook, as the Chinese government blocks access to many of these websites. A good VPN for China will also help keep your device secure so you can browse safely without data theft. When choosing a VPN, make sure you look for one that works well in remote areas and has plenty of server locations. You can check online VPN reviews and search Google with Chinese keywords such as VPN 推荐. Popular VPNs include NordVPN, Hotspot Shield, and ExpressVPN.

When setting up your VPN it is crucial to make sure you have downloaded the correct version for the device you are using. On some devices, downloading a specific version is also necessary if you want to enjoy unlimited streaming of media content like movies and TV shows. Also, make sure you check whether your VPN requires additional setup steps before using it. Finally, when connecting to a public Wi-Fi hotspot in China, always use your VPN to protect your data from theft. With these simple steps, you can now safely browse the web no matter where in the world you may be!

Gather Resources to Plan Your Itinerary

Before you plan out your entire trip, it is important to conduct research on the destination and make sure you will have everything you need. Use travel forums and websites such as TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet China to find reviews of attractions, hotels, restaurants and other travel hacks. YouTube can also be a great way to get an idea of what it’s like to visit somewhere, although this type of content should not be taken as 100% fact. You may also wantGoogle Maps for directions, or even Google Translate if necessary.

When researching attractions, make sure to check the opening days and hours of each place you want to go to. You may also want to research transport options so that you can choose the most efficient way of getting around. China has an abundance of modes of transportation – train, bus, taxi and ride-sharing services such as Didi – which can be used depending on where you are going and your budget. Additionally, purchasing tickets in advance may help reduce wait times. Knowing these basics will help save time during your trip once it’s already underway.


Above are some tips to help you plan your vacation in China. Hope these tips will make your trip enjoyable!