Have An Environmental-Friendly Getaway In Fernie


With environmental protection a priority for many people nowadays, supporting products that help decrease harm to nature has constantly grown over the years. And one of the leading solutions by countless people is to purchase electric vehicles (EVs) which promote sustainable fuel economy for car owners. The popularity of EVs skyrockets as years go by, with its market value estimated at more than $205 billion in 2022


However, one of the common deficiencies of EVs that made many people shy away from investing in one is the availability of chargers in a particular area. This is why EVs are only considered ideal for city touring and commuting, and countless people deem them unsuitable for long road trips. But EVs’ gaining popularity resulted in more charging stations built in towns and major highways, enabling people to use their EVs for long-haul trips. 


And one city ideal for travelling, which is also ideal for those with EVs, is Fernie, a magical winter paradise in Southeast British Columbia. Home to the widely famous Fernie Alpine Resort, this small but thriving town offers travellers various activities all year. And for those looking to have a remarkable vacation while driving with their EVs, then Fernie would be the perfect place to visit. 


There are now several electric vehicle chargers in Fernie, making it an ideal town to travel to or pass by for longer road trips with EVs. This will eliminate the fear of EV owners looking to go on lengthy trips throughout Southern British Columbia and Alberta. This will also allow EV owners to support local businesses, especially since charging EVS usually takes time. 


Fernie got a lot going on from the mountains to downtown, meaning anyone who needs to charge their EVs will have something to do while waiting. If extreme sports are not your thing, chilling around the town’s main commercial area is still beautiful. The Fernie Museum, Fernie Arts Station, and the numerous cafes and restaurants around downtown can provide warmth and comfort for those visiting the town during the winter.


If you are looking for the most sustainable hotel in Fernie for your next travel getaway, then Fernie Fox Hotel is for you. Located right off Hwy #3 along the bank of the Elk River, Fernie Fox is only a few minutes away from downtown and is a short drive from the Fernie Alpine Resort. You can contact us by calling (250) 423-6788 or emailing stay@ferniefoxhotel.com