Great Secret Coastal Towns of Croatia for You


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Croatia is a country that tends to go unnoticed as a vacation destination compared to other more popular options -such as Greece, Italy or Spain- and it is a real mistake, since this country has corners that are real gems to discover. On the coast of Croatia there are numerous villages that are worth visiting both on their own and within the context of a trip through the Balkans, and that will hook you with their beauty and simplicity. In this article we show you the most beautiful coastal towns in Croatia. Grab More Info  about it now.

What are the most beautiful coastal towns in Croatia?


Zadar is a great place to fully immerse yourself in Croatian culture because it often goes unnoticed by tourists . Cafes fill the small squares, fishermen cast their rods on the shore, and the warm scents of traditional strukli and burek swirl in bakeries. The market, one of the best in Croatia , is full of fresh local products that are worth trying.

Zadar was once a Roman city, and the main square, called the Forum, is an open-air museum , with Roman ruins and the great 11th-century church of San Donat. Do not miss the nearby Zadar Gold and Silver Museum, located in the Benedictine Convent , next to the Church of Santa María: it has a large number of relics and works of art made of precious metals.


Sibenik is less populated than most of Croatia’s most beautiful seaside towns, and is a great place to sit and relax, sunbathe and explore the medieval-looking cobblestone streets.

Be sure to try the mussels with local buzara sauce, typical of the area. Furthermore, Sibenik serves as a great base to explore Krka National Park. You can rent a sailboat to navigate to the falls in the park; or access by bus, car or ferry.


Hvar is one of the most beautiful seaside towns in Croatia, attended by a strange mix of rustic Italian farmers and jet-set celebrities to enjoy its beauty and tranquility. The center of the village is a den of shiny marble squares, shady stone alleys, and steep staircases giving way to ocher roofs and medieval facades.

Meanwhile, the steep slopes fade into the background in the hazy haze of Mediterranean heat, populated by undulating vineyards, winding coastal paths, and hidden coves that give the island a singular beauty. It is no wonder that almost 200,000 visitors pass through Hvar each year.


Baska is one of the most visited places on the largest Croatian island, Krk, due to its many summer entertainment possibilities, concerts, festivals, parties, etc. Baska is also ideal for those who like to spend their vacation days hiking or biking, and its beaches are the cleanest in Croatia. In addition, in them you can rent boats, pedal boats and surfboards.


The municipality of Brela is located 15 km northwest of Makarska and, according to locals, has the most beautiful beaches in Croatia . In fact, the famous Brela beach, Punta Rata, has been listed as one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world since 2004.