Explore the Best of Croatia with the Right Guidance


Celtic, Croatia, located at the crossroads of Central Europe and the Mediterranean, is known for its culture, which has been affected by civilizations such as the Illyrian, Ottoman, Greek, Venetian, Roman, Hungarian, Italian, French, and Austrian. Croatia is a popular destination for travellers because of its hundreds of islands and islets, its architectural treasures, its pristine parks and nature reserves, its lakes and waterfalls, and its towns with timeless beauty. As you Travel to Croatia check out the following set of information:

Plan your trips and activities in advance

It is enjoyable to travel, but it is much more enjoyable to plan your itinerary in advance and know what sights and activities to expect along the way. The Partir.com staff has compiled a list of the basics and the greatest experiences that Croatia has to offer in order to assist you in making your decision and arranging your vacation. Whatever you choose to do, whether you plan your vacation on your own or with the help of a travel agency, our practical guides and unique maps will help you along the way.

Plitvice National Park is a national park in Croatia

This national park, in and of itself, is a compelling reason to go to Croatia, in my view. It is one of the most magnificent natural places in Europe, and it never fails to provide new and exciting experiences to the many visitors that visit it on a daily basis. Plitvice National Park spans 294 km2 and is comprised of hundreds of lakes that are linked together by waterfalls. In a beautiful natural environment with wooden pontoons, all of this may be enjoyed.

It is possible to split Plitvice National Park into two sections: the upper lakes and the lower lakes. According on the length of your visit, a number of itineraries will be suggested to you in order to see as much as you possibly can. However, I would recommend that you spend at least two days there. Everything is well organised here, with a bus system (shown on the map as ST Stations) and boat shuttles to get you about (ports named P on the map).

The Woderful Sites

Hiking trails ranging in length from 20 minutes to eight hours are available on the property for guests. For example, the Veliki Slap waterfall, which is the most impressive in the park, should not be missed, although you should not be afraid to go out from the most popular paths in search of more serenity. Immersing oneself in such breathtaking natural beauty will undoubtedly leave an indelible impression on you. Traveling through the park provides a chance to regain one’s humility in the presence of such magnificent nature, as well as an opportunity to consider new methods to conserve it.