Don’t Let Your Physical Disability Stop You from Going on Adventure Trips


People who are physically challenged might be put off from adventure sports such as long-distance hiking or mountaineering due to the amount and weight of gear and supplies that are required for such arduous journeys. And same goes for those who are injured or are recovering from a serious physical injury. In this post, we will prove why you should not let your disability stop you from traveling with your luggage.

The best travel solution for the physically challenged

The HipStar was created as a solution for people who wish to travel but suffer from back pain or injuries. The innovative, hands-free, travel carts from HipStar® make it easy for handicapped or disabled individuals to carry their luggage around without needing any additional assistance. They are ideal for both road-trips and air travels.

Don’t let your injury stop you from traveling and exploring. HipStar® can be conveniently changed into a sturdy backpack thanks to the innovative collapsible design with featuring backpack straps. It is intelligently engineered to sustain challenging terrains, even when you carry 90% more luggage. It is quickly becoming popular as the ideal companion for all types of traveling.

With HipStar®, you can easily extend your outdoor and adventure life, even if your movements are restricted due to a physical disability. The company is even donating 20 hands-free travel carts from their first batch to physically challenged clients. 

If you are planning to go on an adventure in the near future, we strongly recommend that you check their amazing and convenient hands-free travel carts. They are available in 3 variations according to their load carrying capacity, heavy duty, medium, and light. You may choose the right type as per your personalized travel style and requirements. 

Important features:

  • Disk Brakes – These hands-free travel carts are equipped with disk brakes to offer complete safety while you are going down the slope. You can stop and slow down easily without using much effort.
  • Highly durable, yet light weight – The carts are designed with light materials like aluminum and carbon fiber for enhanced durability. 
  • Smart engineering – The shock absorbers and big wheels and bearings make it easy for you to move luggage even across tough terrains. It collapses into a backpack mode in seconds.

Ideal for all types for travelers and tourists:

  • In addition to helping physically impaired people, these hands-free carts are suitable for all types of outdoor enthusiasts like hikers, hunters, anglers, golfers, bird watchers, photographers, backpackers, etc. 
  • People who love to travel for festivals and music events can have this cart as a handy companion that will take care of their entire luggage.
  • You could also buy these useful carts for children and teens to lighten their luggage while traveling to camps, scouts, sports camps, road trips, etc.
  • These carts can also be used for assisting first responders like rescue teams, medical transportation, law enforcement, etc.

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