David Beston Discusses the Top Beaches in Florida


Florida Is Known for its Beautiful Beaches and David Beston Is Here To Discuss Them

When people think about Florida, they usually think about white sand, blue water, and warm weather. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Florida is also home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. David Beston has explored some of the top beaches, including those located in the Sunshine State. He is here to review some of the top beaches that Florida has to offer. Anyone who is planning a trip to Florida in the near future has to make sure they think about visiting some of the top beaches on this list.

David Beston Reviews the Highlights of Miami Beach

First, it is impossible to talk about the beaches in Florida without talking about Miami Beach. David Beston knows that this is as close as people can get to the tropics without having to leave the United States. Miami Beach is absolutely beautiful. Located at the tip of Florida, the waves are always beautiful, the water is always warm, and the sun is always soft. Furthermore, as one of the biggest cities in the country, Miami is also home to a wide array of attractions as well. With amazing shopping and dining opportunities, there is plenty of everyone even when they leave the comfort of Miami Beach itself!

David Beston Highlights the Beauty of Destin on the Gulf Coast

Of course, it is also important to highlight some of the top beaches on the Gulf side as well. David Beston encourages everyone to take a look at Destin on the Gulf Coast. Destin is a laid back beach, providing plenty of opportunities to kick back and relax. Furthermore, David Beston knows that there are lots of people who come to Florida to golf as well. Destin is home to some of the top golf courses in the entire world. Therefore, anyone who would like to relax and hit the links during their beach vacation should be sure to check out a few of the courses near Destin beach. This is always a fun time!

David Beston Uncovers Clearwater, a Hidden Gem in Florida

Finally, David Beston also wants everyone to know about the hidden gem that is Clearwater, FL. Even though Clearwater is by no means a small area, it is a beach that is commonly overlooked when people discuss other beaches, such as the other ones on this list. Clearwater is a gorgeous place for both young couples and families alike. Furthermore, Clearwater is also home to a gorgeous aquarium, so even when the rain drives people away from the waves and sand, there is still plenty to do in this beautiful location.