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In addition to being the home of flamenco, Almodóvar’s films, and tumultuous love affairs such as that of Goya and the Duchess of Alba, Spain is also the home of award-winning vineyards, celebrity-studded restaurants, imposing castles, and idyllic beaches bathed in a Mediterranean sea that is a surprising shade of blue.

Spain, with its extraordinary museums, beautiful cathedrals, and dream islands, also knows how to break free from stereotypes and demonstrates that its charms extend far beyond the cultural wedding packages germany capital Madrid and the architectural Barcelona, which is the cradle of Modernism and contains the traces of Gaud and Domènech I Montaner. As you look for the wedding venues in malaga you can have you look at the other destinations as well.

Our journey takes us to the four corners of the Iberian Peninsula, where we discover the most romantic and fantastic wedding venues amidst bays, lush fields of green and historic cities bursting with history and legend.

Costa Brava is a popular beach location

Located between Barcelona and the French border, the Spanish coast is characterised by spectacular rocky inlets that shape small beaches with crystal-clear water (called calas). It is dotted with picturesque villages, ruinous fortifications, and stone castles, all of which are often flanked by fields of sunflowers that stretch for miles in every direction.

The Pyrenees are the final destination on the field

The Pyrenees mountain range, which has peaks that soar to more than 3,000 meters in elevation and stretches more than 400 kilometers in length, passes across several areas and poetically marks the natural boundary between Spain and neighboring France in the country’s northeastern portion. During the summer, the scenery is dominated by vast valleys and lush green fields, punctuated by centuries-old stone castles and villages that seem to have frozen in time.

Formentera is a small island off the coast of Spain

The smallest island in the Balearic archipelago, Ibiza, is only 6 kilometers away (or a mere 30 minutes by boat) from the trendy island of Ibiza. It is an oasis surrounded by 50 kilometers of the bluest sea imaginable, with 20 of those kilometers containing beautiful beaches with calm waters and white sands.

The pilgrimage site of Santiago de Compostela is steeped in history

That’s where you’ll find it: the majestic Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in the centre of picturesque Santiago de Compostela, whose origins trace back to an 11th-century temple and which served as the starting point of the renowned Camino de Santiago. Also don’t forget wedding venues in marbella along with these nice venues.

Basque Country is a popular gastronomic destination

Remove yourself from Spain’s enormous expanse and forget about the dry plains, vineyards, and unending wildness that characterise the country. We have arrived in Euskadi, a country of mountains and lush fields, bordered by the Sierra Cantabria and drenched in the chilly waves of the Atlantic, which surrounds us.